10 day surprise decoration 55 square meters old ho

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The house was decorated before the Spring Festival, and now it has been occupied. When taking photos, it was not cleaned up very much, which was a little messy. For various reasons, the decoration time was reduced to 10 days. Let me explain to you the schedule of 10 days of decoration: the first day: demolish the old, demolish the walls and doors that need to be transformed, and demolish the kitchen and bathroom as a whole. The second day, the third day: Hydropower transformation; Toilet and kitchen are waterproof; Install plastic steel windows and lamps. The fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day: choose tiles, lay tiles. The seventh day, the eighth day: lay wallpaper, brush the room, and enter the cabinet. Day 9: the floor, cloakroom, balcony and bookcase enter the site. Day 10: Furniture mobilization, curtain installation, clothes rack installation. This is a rough schedule. Because we require the construction period, we have two or three types of work to work together almost every day

looking at the whole living room from the direction of the second bedroom, because my husband requires that he can also see TV when using the computer, he likes to use two things at one time, so he arranges his desk behind the sofa

the living room that began to work the day before completion was basically completed. Mona Lisa tile




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