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In the view of Aichen marketing team, only innovative products + in-depth operation can achieve tens of millions of "big business"

first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen take the lead in economy. The provincial capitals of major economically developed regions also attract major well-known brands with their huge market size, rigid demand potential, advanced consumption awareness and strong purchasing power

big cities, big patterns, great potential, large sales volume, and big money - it is based on this that Aichen "gathers big business, seeks the general trend" - "big business plan", arranges first tier cities and important provincial capital cities, gathers enterprise resources, and focuses on incubating a number of ten million dealers

the market of home building materials is surging, and only by being "big" can it stand and operate sustainably - but Aichen big business is not limited to the size of the store, but also lies in the soft power of Aichen terminal marketing system and the constant assistance measures of Aichen operation team to dealers:

launch new marketing models, including customer collection, channel cooperation, night activities, and in-depth cooperation with designers through platform management

provide decoration subsidies to agents during the decoration of the exhibition hall

professional designers provide free store decoration design, and the decoration of the store building system in 30 days is painless and labor-saving

carry out systematic opening training and business training for terminal business personnel before opening

provide subsidies for multimedia and multi-channel publicity and promotion during terminal activities

the materials of major event nodes are designed free of charge, the professional team guides the whole process, and special products help the terminal

regularly hold business school courses and systematically train and build terminal strength business teams

according to the sales situation in different regions, build the strongest brand in the region and lead the terminal

implement a number of incentive policies, complete the contract tasks with rebate concessions and performance rewards...

an unrepeatable profit model to help dealers make money easily; Build a store in 30 days to help dealers seize the opportunity and make profits faster; Fast and sustainable profit model, detonating immediately after opening; Partner mode building: with the Aichen partner app as the platform, an open benefit sharing place based on the exhibition hall, and the gold medal store manager as the connection basis...

online and offline interaction, Aichen's unique "marketing weapon" opens up invisible channels, combines virtual and real, diverts customers for stores all day, and creates a "super store" that will never end

free sample loading, special supply price, priority supply, priority renewal, priority viewing of channel customer information, all-round help and guidance of the special "gold store manager" stationed Terminal - for Aichen and dealers, this is a basic action. What really enables the dealer partners to form a "dream community" and a "community of destiny" with Aichen is Aichen's professional and meticulous operation services

the professional manager team in charge of the operation of Aichen China's regional market are all from leading enterprises in the home furnishing and building materials industries; On the other hand, as the integrator of the high-end door and window industry, Aichen provides dealers with more than products and policies. Aichen pays more attention to providing dealers with overall solutions for terminal operation

service front-end system breakthrough

in the view of Aichen marketing team, only innovative products + in-depth operation can achieve tens of millions of "big business". What Aichen gives to "big business" is the integration of big stores, the promotion of all dimensions, the three-dimensional empowerment, and the doubling of profits. It supports and helps dealers to improve their hardware image and channel operation ability in the complex market environment

while reaping huge wealth, they also reap respectable social status; Lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of dealers and Aichen brand in the local area, and inject continuous power into the future endurance




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