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About decoration, many people have realized the hidden rules, and caused the attention of many netizens. Today, I want to talk to you about the "hidden rules" in the decoration contract. These "secrets" that are not easy to be found are hidden in the decoration contract. Hurry to learn from me:

about decoration, many people have realized the hidden rules, and caused the attention of many netizens. Today I want to talk to you about the decoration contract “ Hidden rules ”, These are not easy to find “ Secret ” All are hidden in the decoration contract, so hurry to learn from me:

first, the decoration materials in the contract are often vague

in some contracts, the decoration company is vague about the materials, and the actual decoration may use fake and inferior materials. When the owner investigated, the decoration company took out the original contract and said that the owner did not specify the material brand. Once the owner requires the use of high-quality and environmental friendly decoration materials, the decoration company will ask for a price increase. Some decoration companies also noted in the contract that if the original brand materials are out of stock during the decoration, Party B's decoration company can temporarily replace the materials of the same model. But this “ Same as ”, It is the same quality or the same material, but it is not specified

II. Budget measurement hands-on

“ In each decoration order, about 10% to 20% of the profits are obtained by misrepresenting the area. In most cases, the work of measuring the decoration area is completed by the decorator. Even if the owner takes a pen and paper and records it on the side, the change of the decorator's gesture during the measurement is not easy to detect. The original length of 25 cm is likely to become 28 cm. If there is 3cm more here and 3cm more there, the material cost of these extra parts will go into the pocket of the decoration company& rdquo; Mr. Ma said

third, adopt split quotation to deceive the owner

in order to make money, decoration companies will always rack their brains and adopt the way of split quotation. It was originally a very simple wardrobe, as long as the total price was quoted, but the smart repair company was not. How many boards, how much paint, how much labor were needed, and then added up. In this way, it is much higher than the overall quotation. Mr. Ma said: “ For example, a painter can paint all the walls, wardrobes, lockers, etc. in the home decoration at one go, but if it is taken apart, the paint of the wardrobe will be painted for the second or third time after it is dry, and the wall will be painted three or four times in a row

IV. falsely reporting the loss of building materials

talking about the loss reported by the decoration company to the owner, Mr. Ma said: “ The loss of decoration is far from as high as the decoration company said. Normal losses of various processes: 800mm× 800mm floor tile loss is 6%, 300mm× The loss of 450mm wall tiles is 5%, the loss of emulsion paint is 3%, and the loss of floor is 5%& rdquo;

- netizens' message

egg: you must pay more attention to the payment method of money in the contract. Generally, the contract stipulates that the owner will pay the decoration fee by stages according to the progress of the project. However, some small companies are eager for working capital, and may forge the progress of the project and let the owner pay in advance

netizen Xiaomi: during decoration, it is also important to measure the area of house decoration. Don't let those unscrupulous businessmen take advantage of loopholes. There are two methods to measure the area of decoration: one is the projected area, and the other is the unfolded area. How are the two algorithms different? Take a bed as an example. The projected area refers only to the length and width of the bed, that is, the bed we usually say is one meter by two meters. The expanded area refers to all the areas of the bed, including the area of the bed legs and the head of the bed. Therefore, it is more cost-effective for the owner to use projection measurement when measuring the area




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