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It is the warm season of spring. On April 28, Citigroup appliances sent another good news - the Nanchang flagship store of Citigroup's overall kitchen and bathroom welcomed the grand opening

Nanchang, known as the "dynamic city of the world", is also known as the "future city, green city". It is not only a national historical and cultural city, but also a revolutionary hero city, with great economic development potential. The move of Citigroup to Nanchang is the perfect integration of the healthy living concept advocated by Citigroup brand and the green city

Citigroup's overall kitchen and bathroom is located in the prosperous city of Nanchang - CITIC Building Materials Plaza. On the day of opening, the weather was beautiful, the sky was clear, and the sun was shining brightly. At the entrance of Citi's integrated kitchen and bathroom store, there stood an arch marked with "Citi's integrated kitchen and bathroom" striking font. The continuous flow of vehicles adds a different celebration to the opening of Citigroup's overall kitchen and bathroom

when you approach the Citi store, the door is full of congratulations baskets sent by partners from all walks of life, accompanied by loud firecrackers, what a lively and festive scene

when you enter the Nanchang Citigroup's overall kitchen and bathroom store, the lights in the store are soft, the environment is comfortable and elegant, and the flags are colorful. The products on the booth are dazzling, the wall is full of honors, and the design style of the display cabinet is unique, all of which highlight the noble taste and brand height of Citigroup brand. Moreover, the generous and elegant decoration in the store also shows the good brand image of Citigroup's overall kitchen and bathroom franchise store

some honors of Citigroup

comfortable and elegant shopping environment

dazzling products

fashionable and concise overall kitchen and bathroom display

on the day of opening, Nanchang Citigroup's overall kitchen and bathroom not only brought you double gifts of opening and may day, but also unprecedented incentives. There is also a new product of Citigroup, air purification top, to help bring you a new experience of green health. As soon as Citigroup air purification summit appeared, it immediately attracted wave after wave of consumers, which is really "artifact out of the scabbard, who will compete". With this marketing tool, the business of Nanchang Citigroup's overall kitchen and bathroom store must be booming and booming

this time, Citigroup brand appeared in Nanchang with a new look, stunning the audience and showing its king style. I believe that Citigroup's overall kitchen and bathroom will be able to fly high in Nanchang and create its own blue sky





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