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Model selection: the "beggar version" is not selected for the medium and high-end forklift models.

model selection: the "beggar version" is not selected for the medium and high-end forklift models.

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in the automotive industry, there is a common phenomenon that consumers will first set a psychological expectation price for themselves when purchasing a car, and then select vehicles that meet their needs according to this price. This demand includes vehicle cost performance The vehicle configuration, power, fuel consumption, appearance, interior decoration, etc. shall be selected on the basis of the comparison of comprehensive competitive vehicles of the same price and different brands. Now there is such a problem: if the low-cost model of a high-end brand and the high-cost model of another medium-sized brand belong to the same class, and the comprehensive performance comparison difference is small, they can basically meet the use needs, how should you choose? It is understood that the vast majority of consumers prefer to choose high-end models of medium brands rather than low-end models of high-end brands. Why? Here is a problem that the size and weight of shaft selection are limited. When building brand new models, enterprises often invest more energy, and are more demanding in technology, products and manufacturing. Similarly, their quality is better than that of low-end models. In contrast, the low-end models were put on the market earlier. Due to the intense competition, the profit space was squeezed, the technology was relatively backward, and the attention received naturally decreased. In terms of the comprehensive manufacturing quality of the products, there would be a gap with the high-end cars. Therefore, the concept of choosing the chicken head, not the phoenix tail, and resolutely not buying the beggar model was formed. In fact, the same is true in the forklift industry

before purchasing forklifts, customers will consider the tendentious needs of forklifts, including product operating environment, tonnage, handling, environmental protection, fuel consumption, etc. on the basis of meeting these needs, customers will choose product brands within their psychological expected prices, and finally select the best ones according to comprehensive comparison. At present, the commonly used forklifts in the market are mainly electric forklifts and internal-combustion forklifts. The internal-combustion forklifts are relatively noisy to operate, and the exhaust emissions will also cause damage to the surrounding environment. However, they have strong power and long single use time, which is conducive to long-term high-intensity operation. In contrast, the electric forklift is quiet, noiseless and environmentally safe, but the single use time is limited, the battery maintenance is difficult, the charging takes time, and it is not able to use CO2 capture and chemical conversion continuously with high intensity, which is of great significance. At this time, customers will choose according to their actual needs. As far as the domestic forklift truck market is concerned, many foreign brands have been favored by many customers for their stable performance, strong environmental protection and noise prevention after a long time of market inspection. However, considering the high price of the product, which is often more than onehundredthousand, or even higher, and the maintenance cost is not a small expense, when customers consider the cost, The choice of forklift brands and products is often in a dilemma

recently, Dikai forklift, whose manufacturing base is located in Wuhu, Anhui Province, developed a new "R" series internal combustion counterweight forklift. It is reported that in the more than three years since its establishment, the company has 209 product resources, including internal combustion, electric Storage III "We intend to expand the main categories through this project. The newly developed R series models have been successfully developed by the R & D team after one year. Because Chery Dikai forklift truck has entered the market for a short time and its brand popularity is limited, its senior managers are also worried about the R & D and listing of new high-end models. However, in the domestic market, domestic brands are concentrated in the middle and low-end models, so the competition is very fierce and high-end It seems that there are few models. If R series models can make a difference in the high-end market, they will certainly set up their own brand flag for domestic brands in the high-end model market

at this time, we can't help but wonder why customers choose the R series of dickay forklifts

as far as the customer's choice of "choosing chicken head rather than chicken tail" is concerned, this model just conforms to the customer's psychological expectation. First of all, compared with foreign brands, this model has the style of foreign brands in terms of appearance and comprehensive performance. The use of imported engines and SMC new materials makes it have obvious advantages in power, handling, chemical corrosion resistance, compression resistance, fatigue limit, service life, etc; In addition, the new flexible transmission design has significant shock absorption effect and more efficient power transmission, which improves the performance of the whole vehicle; In terms of appearance and handling experience, this product is also commendable. In addition, this product is completely independent research and development. Although the investment in early research and development is high, there is no later cost, so the price of this product has a greater comparative advantage than that of foreign brands of the same type. Under the same use environment and conditions, it is reasonable that the "R" series products of dickay forklift truck attract customers' attention because of their high cost performance and excellent performance. Although there is still a certain gap between the brand popularity of Dikai forklift and some internationally renowned old brands, it is believed that this highly configured domestic product will lead domestic brands to break through the encirclement and continuously expand the share of domestic brands in the medium and high-end market

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