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Chuxinfeng, a die hard fan of Valin heavy truck Guide: there is an individual transporter chuxinfeng in Dongjia village, Guantao County, Handan City, Hebei Province. Master Chu, less than 40 years old, has been dealing with heavy trucks for more than ten years, and he is also a die hard fan of Valin. Knowing that the author is a Valin manufacturer, Master Chu's chatterbox was opened when the country was in

in Dongjia village, Guantao County, Handan City, Hebei Province, there is an individual transporter, chuxinfeng. Master Chu, less than 40 years old, has been dealing with heavy trucks for more than ten years, and he is also a die hard fan of Valin. Knowing that the author is a Valin manufacturer, Master Chu's chatterbox opened up...

when the country re planned, developed and utilized land at the beginning of the new century, people in many parts of North China were facing a huge test of survival, and Master Chu's family was also facing such problems. On the recommendation of relatives, Chu Xinfeng decided to buy heavy trucks for transportation. At that time, the coal industry in Handan had just started. Chu Xinfeng keenly captured the participation of President Shenbo, vice president liuwengong, and relevant leaders of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology in the meeting to the spring of the transportation industry. With the slow exploration and start, in a short three years, this newborn calf was not afraid of the younger generation of the tiger, and the business had a green light all the way, from one transport vehicle to more than a dozen vehicles, In his later years of development, almost all brands of cars have been driven, and the cars have been changed one after another. The reason for the continuous change of vehicles and their brands is that Master Chu has opinions on these products, and there is no reason for him to "love" them. It is often because the salesperson says well, but the actual use is not comprehensive. Until 2007, with the recommendation of a good friend in the circle, Master Chu added a Valin to his team

the turning point began with the first Valin car. At that time, there was basically no Valin car in Handan, and there was no significant public praise environment in the market. Master Chu bought the Valin car with a try attitude, but he didn't know it. He was startled when he tried it. The Valin car ran very fast with a load of coal, but other cars always emitted black smoke. Master Chu concluded that Valin is extremely powerful and the matched engine is full of power. So Master Chu began to collect information about Valin. Finally, he decided to go into Valin and actually see this heavy truck enterprise from Anhui. In Valin company, Master Chu saw the latest technological level of Valin, and the fully automatic welding robot completely conquered this big man in the north. So he decided to buy five Valin heavy trucks again. In the first month of initial use, the vehicle has almost no faults, and the fuel consumption is about the same as that of the original brand. However, after a month of running in period, Lao pan was pleasantly surprised to find that the fuel consumption was greatly reduced, saving liters/100km compared with other original models. Moreover, this Valin heavy truck with Mitsubishi design style, grand appearance and comfortable cab makes him very proud when he goes out. When he hires a driver again, people are willing to work with him when they hear about driving a Valin car. Later, when they ask him carefully, they know that this car is famous in the industry for its high reliability, high comfort and high efficiency, and the drivers have long praised it. In the following time, Master Chu bought several Valin cars

since then, he has gradually sold other brands of cars and replaced them with Valin heavy trucks. Today, he has 11 Valin cars and has become a loyal fan of Valin heavy trucks. Under his leadership, Valin heavy truck has been widely recognized by the majority of users in Handan area, and has become the preferred vehicle model for the market to purchase vehicles. It can be said that the ASTM specification has been changed to coincide with Fraunhofer Chemical Technology Research Institute. The use of standard Charpy V-type samples mainly depends on the testing strength of materials and technical requirements

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