Chongqing's most popular glass enterprise changed

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Chongqing glass enterprises have changed to burn heavy oil, adding a daily capital of 90000

recently, tuzhenwei, assistant general manager of Chongqing Yuhu Glass Co., Ltd., has been in a hurry. It is reported that Yuhu glass company is the only float glass manufacturer in our city. In June this year, the factory was officially put into operation in Yongchuan District

"if it is normal production, we need 120000 cubic meters of natural gas every day." Tu Zhenwei disclosed that after the shortage of natural gas supply, the company's daily natural gas gap was 60000 cubic meters. Once the glass melting furnace is shut down, it will be scrapped. At that time, the direct loss will reach 70million yuan. As a last resort, the company had to purchase heavy oil to make up for the shortage of raw materials. At present, the daily consumption of heavy oil is 40 tons. According to the calculation, after changing to burning heavy oil, the company will increase the raw material cost as much as 90000 yuan every day

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