Chongqing Zhaojie Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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Chongqing Zhaojie Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

our company is a private enterprise, covering an area of 3.5 mu. It has a professional basis and has a long service life; The difference of processing characteristic value that is easy to form confirms the technical status and precision of the experimental machine, and employs some retired personnel from large state-owned enterprises (Sichuan Instrument System) to provide technical guidance for division 10 of our company. At present, it has more than 130 employees, 28 technical backbones (including 10 with intermediate titles and 5 with senior titles), and more than 40 large and small equipment. The equipment includes: more than 100 precision instrument lathes, 30 CNC lathes, 6162 ordinary C in these peus, milling machines, drilling machines, screw machines, hexagonal lathes, sawing machines, etc. At present, the main processing and production include: military, automobile, motorcycle parts, heterosexual parts and non-standard parts, with strong production and processing capacity

the company takes the production concept of "people-oriented, leading technology, manufacturing first-class and high-quality products, and creating a win-win marketing concept between enterprises and customers" as its purpose. We are willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with domestic friends to create brilliance

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