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Chongqing will cultivate a large-scale integrated circuit industry with an output value of 100 billion yuan

by building a whole integrated circuit industry chain including chip design, packaging and testing, and application development. 4 At the time of loading, Chongqing was beginning to cultivate the scale of output value of 100 billion integrated circuits. On August 14, Chongqing learned from the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology that by the end of last year, the city's integrated circuit industry had achieved an output value of about 18billion yuan and gathered 9 Enterprises above designated size. At the semiconductor industry high-end forum of this smart Expo, the guests will discuss the integrated circuit industry and offer tips for the development of "Chongqing core"

the whole industrial chain of integrated circuits has been preliminarily completed.

testing standard for universal fastener testing machine

Chongqing is one of the earliest cities in China to develop the integrated circuit industry. The first large-scale integrated circuit chip in China came from the 24th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation in Yongchuan

"the city's integrated circuit industry is developing rapidly. At present, a relatively complete integrated circuit industry chain has been preliminarily established." According to the person in charge of the electronic Department of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, there are about 20 IC enterprises in the city, covering the whole industrial chain of IC chip design, manufacturing, packaging and so on

among them, chip design enterprises include southwest integration, Zhongkexin Yida, weitesen electronics, radico, Yuanjing technology, yateli technology, fresco, lieda semiconductor, Wuqi technology, Yuxin micro and other enterprises, mainly involving power, RF, communication, drive, IOT, data transmission, microcontroller and other design fields

manufacturers of wafer manufacturing and integrated components, including two 6-inch chip production lines covering analog integrated circuits and charge coupled components of CETC, 8-inch power and analog chip production lines of China Resources Microelectronics, and 12 inch power management chip production lines and packaging and testing lines of Wanguo semiconductor

in terms of packaging test and supply of raw materials with the continuous growth of aluminum sheet orders for aviation and automobile, including SK Hynix building its largest packaging test base in the world in Chongqing, and Pingwei industry, Jialing new technology and other enterprises engaged in power device packaging test; Ultra silicon company produces silicon chips for large-size integrated circuits, and otes company produces semiconductor packaging carriers

according to the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Chongqing will gradually become an important power semiconductor base in China based on the above-mentioned enterprises

expand cooperation space with industry leading enterprises

around the development law of integrated circuit industry, Chongqing proposes to focus on the development of power management chips, memory chips, advanced process production lines, automotive electronics chips, drive chips, artificial intelligence and IOT chips, and integrated circuit design industry

among them, the city will strengthen platform construction, focus on integrated circuit design, expand the scale of wafer manufacturing, improve the development level of packaging and testing, improve raw materials and supporting systems, and drive the balanced development of the whole industrial chain. At the same time, we will strengthen the R & D, accumulation and introduction of IC related intellectual property rights and technical know-how, promote the incubation of design enterprises and the industrialization of innovation achievements, vigorously introduce and cultivate IC core talent teams, and enhance industrial support

the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that at present, Chongqing is making efforts to expand the cooperation space with leading domestic enterprises in the field of integrated circuit capital, technology, projects and other projects. At this stage, the resource circulation of the domestic scrap market is not satisfactory. Focusing on the direction of artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, intelligent sensing, automotive electronics, IOT and other products, Chongqing is accelerating the introduction and cultivation of a number of leading integrated circuit design enterprises, Form an integrated circuit design industry cluster

next, the city will focus on promoting the development of power management chips and power modules, support the construction of multi variety and small batch special process lines such as compound semiconductors, introduce and cooperate in the construction of a number of major large-size and narrow linewidth advanced process wafer manufacturing projects, and realize the local mass production of 12 inch chip production lines as soon as possible. In addition, the city will continue to develop advanced packaging processes with high density and high reliability, expand the scale of packaging and testing industry, and strive to make breakthroughs in core processes such as deposition, etching, ion implantation and special equipment for power purification

the smart Expo "introduces talents" for the development of the integrated circuit industry.

implementing the innovation driven development strategic action plan led by big data intelligence and accelerating the development of the integrated circuit industry are currently two important starting points for promoting the city's industrial transformation and upgrading. This smart Expo will "introduce talents" for this purpose

the semiconductor industry high-end forum, one of the theme forums of this smart Expo, will bring together more than 20 Chinese and foreign guests in the fields of semiconductor industry, learning, research and politics, including Lushan, President of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and executive vice president of China Semiconductor Industry Association, dingwenwu, president of the national integrated circuit industry investment fund, zhaoweiguo, chairman of Ziguang group, Xie Kang, vice president of China Semiconductor Industry Association, Chennanxiang, executive vice chairman of China Resources Microelectronics, Philip white, global technology and smart city expert of the British Department of international trade, and other experts, scholars and business people

at that time, the participants of the forum will focus on the theme of "semiconductor industry in the era of big data intelligence", and introduce the major changes and opportunities faced by the integrated circuit industry, the investment situation and future investment direction of large funds, the development status and advantages of the international semiconductor industry, etc

during the forum, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute will also release the first half of 2018 China's integrated circuit situation observation and the second half of 2018 forecast report, analyze the development status of the semiconductor industry in the era of big data intelligence, explore the development path of the semiconductor industry in the period of industrial pattern adjustment, and provide suggestions for the development of Chongqing and domestic integrated circuit industry

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