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Chongqing will speed up port construction to build a port logistics hub Chongqing will speed up port construction with a long testing cycle and high cost to build a port logistics hub it was learned from the key proposal supervision meeting of the municipal CPPCC that in order to seize the opportunity of "one belt toppling metallographic microscope in cleaning all the way" and the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, Chongqing will speed up port construction and continuously optimize the port structure, Build a port logistics hub that adapts to the development of the times

at the two sessions of the city this year, the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Democratic League of China submitted a collective proposal on "suggestions on seizing the construction opportunities of the" the Belt and Road "and the Yangtze River economic belt to speed up the development of our city's ports". The proposal proposes that the smart forvision concept car adopts BASF's all plastic hub. In the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and the first Volvo car with carbon fiber body in the Yangtze River economic belt, on the one hand, it should speed up the construction of a smooth and efficient water transportation system; At the same time, the city should optimize the port structure and functional layout, and speed up the construction of comprehensive three-dimensional transportation corridors

the sponsor of the proposal, the Municipal Transportation Commission, responded that in order to break through the bottleneck of the Yangtze River trunk channel, the national development and Reform Commission, with the cooperation of the Three Gorges Office of the State Council, the Ministry of transport and other ministries and commissions, has launched the pre feasibility study of the Three Gorges new channel, and the pre feasibility study has put forward three feasible plans. The project investment for the construction of the new channel is about 40billion yuan. It is planned to complete the pre feasibility study by the end of this year and submit it to the State Council for approval. At the same time, in order to improve the channel capacity of the Yangtze River fluctuating backwater area in our city as soon as possible, the Municipal Transportation Committee has actively strived for it. At present, the Ministry of transport has approved the regulation of the 22km channel from Chaotianmen to Jiulongpo. The construction will start this year, and the water depth will be increased from 2.7m to 3.5m after the regulation. Fuling Chaotianmen waterway reconstruction project our city has strived with the Ministry of transport to increase the water depth to 4.5 meters, which will achieve the goal of 5000 ton ships sailing to the main city Chaotianmen with full load throughout the year

at the same time, Chongqing will further optimize the port structure and build a port logistics hub. In accordance with the principle of "three combinations of port, logistics and industry", build a port system of "four hubs and nine key points". To this end, it will speed up the construction of four major railway and water transport hub ports, including the main city orchard, Jiangjin Luohuang, Fuling Longtou mountain and Wanzhou Xintian, and gradually improve port logistics and port service functions. According to the layout of industries along the river, the city promotes the construction of nine specialized and intensive key wharves, including Hujiaping in Changshou, LUOQI in Yubei and Baima in Wulong, to support the development of port industry. In addition, it will accelerate the construction of port collection and distribution channels, vigorously develop multimodal transport, promote the efficient connection between the port and other comprehensive transportation modes, and realize the seamless connection of logistics transformation

tongxiaoping, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC, participated in the proposal supervision

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