Chongzuo is the most popular city to build a park

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In recent years, Chongzuo adheres to the new development concept and high-quality development requirements, gives full play to the advantages of location and forest resources, focuses on the construction of ordinary computer parks, actively explores the development path of modern forestry with mutual benefit between ecology and industry, improves and expands the wood processing industry, and has achieved remarkable results, The city has formed a vigorous development trend of three parks, namely, Guangxi Chongzuo longzan ASEAN International forestry circular economy industrial park, Guangxi Shanwei Industrial Park, and Pingxiang border cooperation zone wood processing park

plan the functional positioning of the "three parks" with high standards. According to the construction idea of "complementary advantages and staggered development", Chongzuo has made clear the development planning and functional positioning of each park. Longzan Industrial Park mainly extends to the deep processing industrial chain of wood flooring and furniture manufacturing. Shanwei Industrial Park is mainly a circular industrial chain from logs, veneers, composite boards, furniture, high-end floor substrates to the biomass of wood waste. At present, the most commonly used is the electrical process of low boiling point liquid system physical foaming agent and related industries. 3. The measurement of beam displacement is roughly the same as the measurement of deformation. Pingxiang border area is mainly to give full play to the brand advantages of rosewood and create an industrial cluster of rosewood high-end furniture manufacturing industry. At the same time, promote the integration planning with surrounding cities and towns, promote the integration of industry and cities, and improve the carrying capacity of the three industrial parks

accelerate the construction of supporting infrastructure in the park. Through direct government investment, the city will issue government bonds, strive for national policy funds, attract social investment and other diversified modes, and promote the construction of infrastructure projects such as standard factory buildings, workers' dormitories, sewage treatment plants in the park, as well as supporting pipes, park roads, water supply, gas supply, heat supply, and launch the research on composite material fuselage. Longzan Industrial Park is invested and developed in the innovative mode of "government led + enterprise operation". It has been operating for less than three years and won the title of "China's top ten wood industrial parks" in 2017; The PPP project with an investment of 4.9 billion yuan in the industrial park was selected as one of the "two typical projects of national comprehensive development" by the Ministry of finance. In 2017, Guangxi Shanwei Industrial Park won the title of core forestry demonstration area in Guangxi Autonomous Region, entered the category of class a park in Guangxi Autonomous Region, and was rated as "Shanwei wood art town in Guangxi Autonomous Region"

promote the cluster development of industrial projects in the park. As of 2018, longzan Industrial Park has signed up 46 enterprises to enter the park, and 10 enterprises have been completed and put into operation. In 2018, it will achieve a total industrial output value of more than 1 billion yuan. 358 single board enterprises have been put into operation in Guangxi Shanwei Industrial Park; 84 forest products deep-processing enterprises have been introduced, and 46 have been put into operation. In 2018, the total industrial output value reached 7.8 billion. The timber processing park of Pingxiang border economic cooperation zone has put into operation more than 500 rosewood processing plants. In 2018, the transaction volume of the rosewood industry reached more than 6 billion yuan. It is truly the "rosewood capital of China" and "the largest rosewood between China and ASEAN". Due to the leading role of the three wood industry parks, the city's wood processing industry has achieved good results. In 2018, the city's output value of wood processing and papermaking reached 18.968 billion, a year-on-year increase of 114.67%, contributing to the growth of the city's GDP

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