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There are many bright spots in the component industry, and the market boom is about to recover.

last year, the electronic industry continued to decline and fell to a low ebb. Affected by it, the overall boom of the component industry also fell into a downturn. This year, after recovery, and driven by touch display, OLED LCD panels and low-end intelligence, the electronic component industry as a whole is in a stable rising state, and the market is effectively lifted, and the boom recovery is imminent

under the influence of various adverse factors last year, the overall prosperity of the electronic industry fell into a state of continuous decline, almost reaching the bottom, and even the advantages of sunrise enterprises were greatly reduced. After a multi-party recovery this year, the electronic industry has been facing a turnaround, and is about to rebound in an all-round way. Accordingly, it will also drive the electronic components industry to rebound

last week, the stock values of electronic components rose to a certain extent. Among them, there are many bright spots in touch display, led and various medium and low-end smart markets, which have a good chance to become the next main features: the hot spot of IC37 in phase 1

in the past year, the LED industry, which is the most sunrise industry, has experienced hardships. Although with the gradual delisting of incandescent lamps, more energy-saving and environmental friendly LED lighting is favored by the market, its sales market has not been fully opened due to factors such as high prices, which has led to a serious oversupply in the whole market and a deadlock in the whole industry. Compared with last year, l stopped analyzing and disposing of the opportunities of the ED industry this year, which will usher in the outbreak of market demand in the third quarter due to the global prohibition of incandescent lamps, and various LED lighting subsidy policies, "two million in 50 cities" and other plans will greatly promote the development of the industry

in addition, with the development of science and technology, the medium and low-end smart market will also usher in explosive growth. Operators are optimistic about the development potential of this market and actively promote the sales plan of medium and low-end smart machines. Driven by these positive factors, the smart machine sales market must be extremely hot, and the corresponding touch screen, chip and other electronic components industries will also be driven by the rise in market demand

with the improvement of the chemical properties of polymers and the design of the market, another highlight of the market is the OLED LCD panel industry, which has risen with the decline of the LED and LCD LCD panel market. Relevant market research shows that the demand for LCD TV panels this year will reach 85million square meters, an increase of 1.6% over the previous expectation. Therefore, in the long run, OLEDs, which are favored by panel manufacturers, are promising, It is expected to promote the overall panel industry

at present, the performance of the semiconductor packaging and testing, passive components and copper clad laminate industries has a relatively higher flexibility space, and other industries are also increasingly stable. The entire electronic components industry 10 It has perfect limit protection function, overload, overcurrent protection, automatic shutdown of experimental fracture and other functions, which are in a stable rising state. There are many bright spots in the industry this year, and the overall market boom is about to recover

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