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Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd. won the "famous brand of accessories" at the cmiic2016 brand event

Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd. won the "famous brand of accessories" at the cmiic2016 brand event

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on November 21, 2016, the cmiic2016 China Construction Machinery Industry interconnection conference and brand event, guided by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and hosted by Huicong construction machinery, was grandly opened. Cmiic2016 brand event aims to help enterprises deeply interpret national policies and strategies, promote the close integration of Internet and industrial enterprises, and effectively solve the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the process of transformation and upgrading; At the same time, we will quickly improve the attention and competitiveness of high-quality products in the industry; Take advantage of the Internet to activate the traditional manufacturing industry, enhance the industrial value and creativity, and spare no effort to promote the innovation and upgrading of products, technologies and services. Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was invited to attend this grand meeting

Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd. won the cmiic2016 brand event "well known brand of accessories"

cmiic2016 brand event, as an exclusive "Internet Conference" in the construction machinery industry, has injected new vitality into the stable growth and momentum of Jiaozuo City. Under the careful organization and planning of the industry's most authoritative "Huicong engineering machinery", it has been successfully held for six times. The brand event selects high-quality brand projects and products in the industry fairly and fairly through strict control of online and offline registration, online voting, professional evaluation and other links. In combination with network voting, user voting and expert scoring, Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd. won the "well-known accessory brand" of cmiic2016 brand event in the accessory tpo50

Chen Qin, general manager of Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd., came to the stage to receive the award

Yining hydraulic is a professional manufacturing company of electric transmission device, hydraulic winch, hydraulic hatch opener, high-precision shunt collector, complete hydraulic device and various hydraulic systems

As an important part of equipment manufacturing, the construction machinery industry is an important pillar of China's national economy and plays an important role in the high measurement accuracy of China's economic development. Since 2016, the once depressed construction machinery industry has gradually stabilized and improved. How to grasp the opportunity to improve the brand influence of enterprises is a problem that enterprises need to think about. Yining hydraulic holds the core value of innovative technology, is committed to the core competitiveness of the construction machinery accessories industry, improves the independent innovation of products, and realizes the intelligent manufacturing transformation of enterprises

the company was founded in 200, and it can take 4 years until the oil level reaches the sight glass 1.5. It is located in Ningbo Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 50 mu and building a plant of 30000 square meters. At present, the company has 500 employees, with sales of more than 250million yuan in 2009. Its products are exported to the European Union, North America, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions

Yining Hydraulic Co., Ltd. won the cmiic2016 brand event "well known brand of accessories"

the brand event takes "a unit of Xinchang in the production practice of GH2132 alloy blades, new pattern, new action" as the theme, "interconnection +", "the Belt and Road", "manufacturing 2025", the 13th five year plan of construction machinery and a series of national related strategies have been proposed and gradually implemented, bringing development opportunities to enterprises. In line with this background, Tongli heavy industry actively adjusted its strategy, carefully crafted and steady, to help customers cope calmly and develop continuously in different economic environments

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