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With the guidance and support of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the central information office and other departments, sipic passed the AIIa "Chinese speech synthesis level test" and "intelligent customer service system evaluation"

in October 2017, led by the China Academy of information and communications, in conjunction with the China Institute of electronic technology standardization, the national industrial information security development research center and other units, Jointly initiated the establishment of China artificial intelligence industry development alliance (AIIa)

from November 1 to 2, the aiia2019 artificial intelligence Developers Conference (AIDC) and the fourth China (Hangzhou) artificial intelligence industry development forum with the theme of "source development is action and wit is spirit" were held in Hangzhou. The conference was hosted by the China artificial intelligence industry development alliance (AIIa) and the Hangzhou Municipal People's government. The results of the human external drug release experiment showed that pilocarpine could be continuously released from phe-ma for 24 hours. Experts and leaders such as pan Yunhe, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Hu Yan, director of the Department of science and technology of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Liu duo, President of the China Academy of information and communications attended the event

At the forum, Zhang Xueli, deputy director of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the China Academy of information and communications, released the results of the trusted evaluation of AI products and services and the intelligent grade evaluation of AI products and services, and issued certificates to enterprises that passed the evaluation

Spitzer, together with Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and tongdun technology, passed the Chinese speech synthesis level evaluation in the first batch. Spitzer intelligent Chinese speech synthesis system obtained the Chinese speech synthesis level test certificate. At the same time, Spitzer intelligent customer service (version number -v2.0) passed the test in the intelligent level evaluation of artificial intelligence products and services - intelligent customer service system (function enhanced) evaluation, And obtain the evaluation certificate of intelligent customer service system. The products and output of basic materials such as steel, cement, raw aluminum, refined copper, ethylene, synthetic resin, chemical fiber, synthetic glass and so on have ranked first in the world.

at the intelligent speech semantic forum of the conference, Dr. Chu min, vice president of Spitzer/President of Beijing Research and Development Institute, was invited to attend, and delivered a speech titled "AI technology landing requires continuous learning and attention to experience"

the following is the key summary of the speech:

finding customer service with problems has become a subconscious behavior of consumers. The tensile performance of plastic tensile testing machine is a work with heavy workload, long training cycle and mainly communication, and the employment cost of customer service is rising. At the same time, with the enrichment of information terminal equipment, traditional customer service cannot timely follow up the new requirements of the market for time, place and mode. The intelligent dialogue ability of AI voice technology is the best way to promote its upgrading

Dr. Chu Min said that the addition of AI technology has continuously expanded the definition and responsibility margin of customer service, and has evolved into an omni channel intelligent enterprise service with wide coverage and high quality and efficiency. Intelligent voice interaction will bring many innovation opportunities to enterprises. There are two typical scenarios: first, the current human intensive services, such as call centers, assist in the later operation of enterprises and follow-up tracking services of projects, so as to reduce human service costs and promote business growth. Second, quality inspection services, check compliance, and form service standards as the basic factors for future data analysis

as a professional AI voice enterprise, with voice technology as the core carrier, Spitzer has brought intelligent enterprise service products and solutions based on omni-channel service robots, service quality and compliance monitoring, software and hardware integrated voice interaction positive factor reduction solutions

among them, the omni-channel service robot needs to be deeply combined with the needs of scene. The scene is relatively controllable and the effect will be better. It can be fully connected to computers, earphones, speakers, large screens and other terminal devices in the form of customer service robots, outbound call robots, information navigation robots, business assistants and so on. For large-scale call centers in the financial industry and insurance industry, hundreds of manual customer service models are more conventional. Service quality and compliance monitoring can well control the service quality, monitor offline service quality inspection and compliance, and contribute to the training of customer service personnel. The software and hardware integrated voice interaction scheme realizes the interaction and control with the large screen through intelligent hardware, in the form of desktop speakers, robot service assistants, etc

Dr. chumin said that there are three important elements for the implementation of voice interaction technology in this field, namely, measurable results, directional optimization ability and experience upgrading

in practical applications, b-end enterprise customers have strong customization needs, which requires that the realization of differentiated customization needs be guaranteed while the service scheme outputs standardized products. For Spitzer, the ultimate goal is to promote the improvement of industrial applications from large-scale replication ability to large-scale customization ability, so that customers can have customization ability through instrumentalization and platformization, reduce the cost of each project implementer, and shorten the implementation cycle

finally, Dr. Chu Min said that voice interaction technology is a very important window period for enterprise service in the next two to three years, and the demand is clear. In addition to the improvement of the core algorithm, it is more important to establish a complete technology implementation and support system, integrate and match the innovation of the core algorithm into the whole production system, and carry out the implementation step by step

There are AI foam, but the opportunities in front of us are real and huge. Facing the window period of the next twoorthree years, what we need to do is to seize the opportunities, deeply cultivate the industry, help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and make them truly competitive

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