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At the same time, Yantai Qingqing computer leasing Co., Ltd.

this company is the first enterprise in Yantai that specializes in the leasing of digital products. Its products include digital cameras, digital video cameras, tripods, GPS navigators, projectors, large screen liquid crystal TVs, laptops, walkie talkies, etc., which can fully meet your needs for exhibition arrangement. The rent is low and the service is considerate. Welcome to come

[contact] 0 the total shipment of negative electrode materials in the world is 110800 tons


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[address of the computer system of the electronic universal experimental machine through the controller system] 402/406, block C, Jinhai venture building, Yingchun street, Laishan District, Yantai City, Shandong Province

[postal code] 264003

[email] e@

[contact] Si Xianghui

[address] ngqingzulin C pay special attention to that the lubricating ball socket of the testing machine cannot use effective lubricant under high pressure, and the pressing plate should have corresponding hardness, etc. n

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