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Xishi Group Development Co., Ltd.

Xishi Group Development Co., Ltd., one of the top ten stone brands, a well-known trademark in China, a leading brand in China's stone industry, a vice president unit of China Stone Industry Association, and a leading enterprise in the stone industry, integrates stone mining, processing, craft sculpture, decoration construction, and building materials market operation, and is diversified Xishi Group Development Co., Ltd., a large cross regional group company, is a diversified and cross regional group company integrating stone mining, processing, craft sculpture, decoration construction, and building materials market transportation through the 2-dimensional code on the scanning box. With a registered capital of 150million yuan and an area of 300000 square meters, the variety of plastic bottles has won more market orders for it. It is the first enterprise in China that has the production capacity of special-shaped, flat plate, thin plate, stone carving crafts and artificial granite at the same time, and now has an annual output of 2.6 million square meters of flat plate, different type and thin plate. It has the comprehensive processing ability of round, special-shaped, flat, thin, composite board, water knife mosaic, stone carving technology, and has the ability to undertake the design, production, processing, construction and installation of large and medium-sized building stone projects. It has obtained the national qualification of "first-class professional contracting of decoration engineering" and "first-class professional contracting of building curtain wall engineering". Now it is a leading enterprise in the stone industry and a top stone enterprise in the world

the quality of Xishi products has reached the international leading level and sold well in domestic and foreign markets. The company has successively undertaken the Great Hall of the people, the building of the Ministry of health of China, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, diaoyutaistateguesthouse, Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, China mobile communication command center, Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Nanjing International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hebei Financial Plaza, Zhengzhou customs, Hunan Changsha Customs, Hainan Boao Hotel, capital airport, Tianjin airport, Wuhan airport, Shenyang Xiantao airport, Chongqing airport, Shanxi Museum Changzhi Eighth Route Army memorial hall, Kazakhstan Peace Palace, Wukesong Basketball Stadium (Olympic venues), Wanxin Hotel (Olympic designated hotel), the site of the new CCTV station, Angola justice building, Kazakhstan Peace Palace and other well-known large and medium-sized projects at home and abroad. It has been widely praised and trusted by users. In 1999, it won the honorary plaque of "high-quality products and high-quality services" awarded by the administration of the Great Hall of the people, and the "2004 Luban Award for Chinese Construction Engineering", "the first national high-quality stone engineering (Huabiao cup) Award", "the second Huabiao cup high-quality stone decoration Engineering Award" issued by the Ministry of construction of China In 2005, it won hundreds of awards, such as the "green designated product for the integration of engineering construction and healthy housing decoration" issued by the China Construction Standards Committee, the "national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise", and in 2007, it was rated as a "high-tech enterprise" in Fujian Province with low flame retardant performance. In the stone industry, it took the lead in passing ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, UK UKAS international double standard certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification

it has successively won the "national quality inspection qualified products" issued by the China Quality Association, the "National Natural granite product quality unified inspection qualified products" issued by the National Building Materials Industry Bureau, and the "stone product quality trustworthy enterprise" jointly issued by the building materials industry bureau and the China Stone Association. In 2004, "Xishi" was recognized as "China's well-known trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Become the first enterprise in China's stone industry to receive this honor

the company is now the vice chairman unit of China Stone Industry Association and the chairman unit of the stone industry chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and commerce. It is one of the drafting units of the national standard of natural granite building board (gb/t), the standard of ultra-thin natural stone composite board and the technical specification of natural stone decoration engineering

Xishi group is market-oriented, backed by technological transformation, based on quality and customer-centered, optimizes the enterprise management system, comprehensively improves the quality of the enterprise, takes "creating a first-class enterprise tube LCD rubber tensile testing machine how to detect rubber strength? Theory, shaping a first-class enterprise culture" as the management concept, and adheres to the purpose of "quality first, reputation first", Establish an enterprise culture with "respect, integrity and harmony" as the core, forge ahead and develop steadily. Xishi group has now embarked on a healthy development path of internationalization, branding and diversification. It has reached a new level and embarked on a new journey in business management, technological innovation, new product research and development, environmental protection, talent cultivation and cultural construction. With modern management, high-quality products, perfect service and good reputation, Xishi is becoming more and more mature, and is walking out of China and into the world

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