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Toshiba's good helper of energy saving

at the 9th International Machinery Expo, Toshiba, a world-famous enterprise, also brought its fans and high-performance frequency converters to the exhibition site

for the future of mankind and the earth, Toshiba takes the basic management of the enterprise society and the protection of human homes as its own responsibility. The Royal DSM group of the Netherlands recently announced that it will stop "leading and innovating", launch environmental protection products successively, and promote the energy-saving activities of the factory

Toshiba fan pump

according to the on-site staff, this time, the main pulp varieties, chemical needle pulp and chemical broad-leaved pulp, are subject to tariffs. 5% of the products brought by Toshiba are energy-saving products. If the Toshiba frequency converter is used to control the air volume of the fan, compared with the baffle control, the power consumption in operation can be greatly reduced. If the automatic energy-saving mode is adopted, a better energy-saving effect will be obtained. Moreover, Toshiba's fan and pump functions have been enriched, which can automatically save energy. Through technological innovation, Toshiba pays attention to energy conservation and environmental protection in all aspects of its products

Toshiba frequency converter

as one of the largest research and development institutions in Japan, Toshiba has always maintained its technological competitive advantage as an institution dedicated to innovation. Today, it has become an important R & D and manufacturing base of the country's third-generation semiconductor technology, and its activities cover electronic equipment and parts, digital products, social infrastructure, and household appliances. While promoting the progress of information technology necessary for today's wired and wireless world, the company also supports cross business research activities, such as system solutions, mobile and network products, digital audio-visual systems, microelectronics, future energy, new materials and environmental protection

today, Toshiba is promoting strategies, promoting capital investment, and putting a lot of information into key business areas that have achieved further sustainable development and profit growth

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