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Tianyu industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd.

Tianyu industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd., China's top ten lock brands, well-known (famous) induction lock brands, famous trademarks in Zhejiang Province, famous brand products in Zhejiang Province, China's lock king, high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, one of the most influential large-scale lock enterprises in the country with a modern enterprise management model

Tianyu impression

Tianyu lock industry is located in Gaoxiang Industrial Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, With a construction area of 25000 square meters, it has more than 1000 employees, fixed assets of more than 80 million yuan, an annual production capacity of 10million door locks, and an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. Tianyu lock industry was founded in 1984. Tianyu people transcend the ordinary and strive for success. Starting from a small workshop with several employees, 7000 yuan and 50 square meters, it has grown into a leader in today's China's lock industry after years of efforts. Today, Tianyu lock industry is one of the technology driven enterprises with the largest scale and the strongest technical force in China's lock industry. Tianyu lock industry department can do many experiments. It is the chairman unit of the lock branch of the National Hardware Association, the national advanced unit of quality management, the quality benefit enterprise of Zhejiang Province, and the chairman unit of Wenzhou Hardware Chamber of Commerce. On January 28th, 2002, Tianyu lock industry was recognized as "China lock king" by China Hardware Association. Head high into China's top 500 private enterprises. Technology navigation, industry-leading technology is the primary productive force. The rapid development of Tianyu lock industry has established the leading edge of technology in the industry by using these materials to replace metal implants. Actively rely on science when you need a solid product, technological transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and improving core competitiveness with its own intellectual property rights are the "golden key" of Tianyu's leading market. Tianyu has long adhered to the idea of "being diligent and thrifty in production and life, and not breaking down the investment in science and technology". Every year, 6% of the sales of the previous year is spent on the research and development of new technologies, new products, new processes and new equipment, ensuring the development stamina of the enterprise. Tianyu people have always kept up with the pace of the times, spared no expense in introducing advanced production and testing equipment from abroad, and applied new technologies such as electronics and pneumatics to independently transform industrial automation processes. Sophisticated equipment and production automation have significantly improved product quality and production efficiency. In order to benefit consumers, Tianyu actively relies on socialized production and professional cooperation to reduce production costs, but the key processes affecting product quality are always strictly controlled in its own hands to ensure that users are provided with "cheap and good" products. Tianyu lock industry, with its leading position in the industry, has become the maker of "industry rules of the game". In 2000, he participated in the formulation of qb/ball door lock standard for China's light industry. In 2003, it became the designated unit to draft the national standard of general safety technical requirements for locks. Integrity management, scientific management of Tianyu lock industry, actively integrate into the construction trend of "integrity Wenzhou", and take "embellishing the world, integrity management, dedication and beauty" as the foundation of the enterprise. Standardize the business decisions of enterprises with the concept of "integrity", which has a wide popularity and good reputation in the industry. The honors of "Zhejiang famous brand", "Zhejiang famous trademark", "Zhejiang advanced unit of observing contracts and keeping promises", "Wenzhou top 100 credit excellent enterprises" and "Zhejiang integrity enterprises" are the testimony of Tianyu people's long-term "integrity management". Today's Tianyu adheres to the idea of "people-oriented management and strict management" and actively introduces the modern enterprise system. In 1997, it realized the separation of ownership and management rights, and all basic management also urged us and the company to correct and adjust in all aspects in a timely manner, constantly improve ourselves, there are laws to follow, act according to rules, and realize the great leap from "managing the factory by people" to "managing the company by law"

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