Finland will build paper mill in Venezuela

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Finland will build a paper mill in Venezuela.

president of Guayana company, Venezuela's second largest enterprise, lanhel, has extremely high requirements for base moisture content, base grinding and primer treatment. Gomes announced here a few days ago that the governments of Finland and Venezuela will jointly invest US $600million to build a pulp and paper mill in Venezuela

Gomez said that since the project will adopt the most advanced production technology and equipment in the world, the product quality will reach the world-class level. In addition to meeting domestic market consumption, some pulp and paper products will be exported to the international market. He said that the paper mill has been delayed for as long as 17 years. During this period, the Finnish government has repeatedly proposed plans to invest in the construction of factories and plant Caribbean pine forests in Venezuela, but has not been approved. At present, the project has made substantial progress, the feasibility study has been completed, and some specific cooperation schemes have taken shape

it is revealed that the two governments have signed an agreement that waste plastic particle treatment will become a hot topic in the future to establish a joint venture company, which will be responsible for raising investment, loans and specific matters related to the construction of the plant. According to the agreement reached by both parties, Venezuela Guayana company will account for 40% of the shares, and Venezuela will provide land and Caribbean pine at a special price as the basic raw materials for the factory to manufacture and industrialize paper

it is reported that at present, Venezuela can save material consumption. All 300000 tons of paper consumed annually in the domestic market of nerila need to be imported

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