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Tianjin kitten wire and cable factory fire cable leakage finding method

Tianjin kitten wire and cable factory fire cable leakage finding method

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Tianjin kitten cable Tianjin kitten wire and cable factory

with the rapid development of industrialization, fire-proof cables are widely used in all fields of production and life. As the world's leading polymer manufacturer, special electric cables are generally buried underground, but once a fault occurs, how to simply and quickly find out the fault point of leakage and restore power supply as soon as possible has become an urgent problem to be solved. Today, I will briefly introduce some methods to you, hoping to be helpful to you

first, there are several effective ways to simply and quickly find out the leakage place of fire-proof cable:

1. Check along the cable, find the damaged position of the cable, and repair the exposed part

2. Exchange the exposed core wire with the grounding core wire, so that the cable can be used normally

3. Find out the approximate leakage place according to the principle of potential drop

4. Using the step voltage method, baoshuntong cable fault detection center adds special signals to the power cable. When the power cable leaks to the earth, a strong to weak directional electric field gradient will be generated around the fault point on the ground. The amplitude and direction of the signal can be measured along the cable path with baoshuntong cable fault measurement equipment. Before and after the fault point, the galvanometer pointer points in the opposite direction, so as to find the fault point of the cable and achieve the purpose of accurate positioning

II. The detection of fire-proof cable fault generally goes through three steps: diagnosis, ranging and fixed point

1 Cable fault nature diagnosis

the diagnosis of cable fault nature, that is, to determine the type and severity of the fault, so that testers can suit the case and choose appropriate cable fault location and fixed-point methods

2. Cable fault location

cable fault location, also known as rough measurement, uses instruments at one end of the cable to determine the fault distance. The commonly used fault location methods on site include classical bridge method and modern traveling wave method

3. Cable fault location

cable fault location, also known as precise measurement, is to find out the general orientation of the fault point according to the fault location results and the path direction of the fire-proof cable, and determine the exact location of the fault point within a very small range by using discharge acoustic measurement or other methods

in case of failure in the use of fire-proof cables or power cables, the maintenance and emergency repair department should be notified in time, and then the emergency plan operation should be carried out in advance to avoid greater economic losses and secondary disasters

1. Classification of insulated wires

answer: there are the following kinds of insulated wires: PVC insulated wires, PVC insulated flexible wires, nitrile PVC mixture insulated flexible wires, rubber insulated wires, agricultural underground directly buried aluminum core plastic insulated wires, rubber insulated cotton yarn textile flexible wires, PVC insulated nylon sheathed wires, PVC insulated flexible wires for power and lighting, etc

2. What occasion is the cable tray suitable for

answer: cable tray is suitable for indoor and outdoor overhead laying of power cables and control cables in general industrial and mining enterprises, and can also be used for indoor and outdoor erection of telecommunications, radio and television departments

3. Types of cable accessories

answer: commonly used electrical accessories, especially in the farmland with an area of more than 10 mu of cadmium meters, include cable terminal junction box, cable intermediate junction box, connecting pipe and terminal, steel plate wiring trough, cable bridge, etc

It can be said that it is one of the solutions

4. The meaning of the cable intermediate joint

A: the device connecting the conductor, insulating shielding layer and protective layer of the cable and the cable to connect the cable line is called the cable intermediate joint

5. What is the main electrical connector

answer: the main electrical wiring is the connection mode of the main electrical equipment and busbar in the power plant and substation, including the connection mode of the main busbar and the auxiliary power system according to certain functional requirements

6. What regulations should be followed when selecting the section of power cable

answer: the selection of power cables should follow the following principles:

(1) the rated voltage of the cable should be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the power supply system at the installation point

(2) the continuous allowable current of the cable shall be equal to or greater than the * continuous current of the power supply load

(3) the cross section of the core shall meet the stability requirements of the power supply system in case of short circuit

(4) check whether the voltage drop meets the requirements according to the cable length

(5) the * small short-circuit current at the end of the line should enable the protective device to operate reliably

7. What are the advantages of cross-linked polyethylene cable and oil paper cable

answer: (1) easy to install, because it allows * small bending radius and light weight; (2) Not limited by line drop; (3) Good thermal performance, high allowable working temperature and large transmission capacity; (4) Cable accessories are simple and dry-type structure; (5) Simple operation and maintenance without oil leakage; This part of consumer demand shows rigidity (6) the price is low; (7) High reliability and low failure rate; (8) The manufacturing process is less, the process is simple, and the economic benefit is remarkable

8. What are the characteristics and advantages of the accessories of the following heat shrinkable cable heads

answer: the * feature of heat shrinkable accessories is to replace the traditional stress cone with stress tube. It not only simplifies the construction process, but also reduces the size of the terminal of the joint. It is easy to install, saves time and labor, has superior performance, and saves metal. The heat shrinkable cable accessory integrates the pouring type and dry package type, which combines the advantages of these two accessories

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