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Green casting and intensive production

1 overview

resources and environment, cleaner production and sustainable development have become one of the hot topics in today's society. The foundry industry is a major source of resource consumption and environmental pollution, and has encountered unprecedented challenges

traditional casting continues to absorb high-tech, forming a series of advanced casting technologies. The foundry production mode continues to develop in the direction of high efficiency, high intelligence, high flexibility, cleanness and intensification. Casting production is a systematic project with complex and coherent processes from material synthesis to forming, and a wide variety of raw and auxiliary materials. Foundry is also a major consumer of energy and materials, with poor working conditions and serious environmental pollution. Therefore, it is imperative for the foundry industry to take the road of intensive and clean production. Industrial developed countries have started in the early 1990s and are vigorously implementing it. In China, the intensive and clean production of foundry is still a new topic. China's foundry industry lacks scientific rules and management, with extensive development, small and scattered factories. There are many problems such as poor comprehensive quality of castings, low production efficiency, and poor technical and economic benefits. In particular, it is worth noting that the government and even the industry have not paid enough attention to it. Vigorously publicize and promote intensive casting, and cleaner production has become an urgent need in China

2 foundry intensification - Overcoming extensive

the so-called intensification is to achieve greater output and social and economic benefits through scientific operation and management by improving the quantity, especially the quality, of talents, science and technology and assets invested

if there are still problems in Jiru, the reduction depends on the government to play a leading role and enterprises as the main body

1. The government's overall planning rules, policy guidance, economic support, legal protection

(1) adjust the industrial structure, reorganize funds (multiple ownership), and give play to the role of the socialist market competition mechanism; Organize and support the specialization of various economic scales; The government establishes corresponding management institutions (such as the management institutions of small and medium-sized foundries, which are subordinate to the State Economic and Trade Commission, and the same for small and medium-sized enterprises)

(2) unify and strengthen the management organization of the foundry industry (fair, efficient and authoritative)

(3) organize and strengthen human and financial investment in major scientific research and development of foundry

(4) organize the formulation and improvement of relevant laws and policies: ① formulate relevant laws and policies such as absorbing and cultivating talents, scientific and technological industrialization, protecting intellectual property rights and improving the share of science and technology in social distribution; ② Environmental protection and cleaner production legislation; ③ Legislation on the treatment and welfare security of dirty, dangerous and tired employees in the foundry industry; ④ Policies to encourage the localization of high-quality castings, equipment and raw materials and encourage exports to participate in international market competition; ⑤ Enrich and improve tax policies, reward the good and punish the bad

2. The foundry takes market pressure as the driving force, introduces advanced operation and management mechanism, and strengthens scientific operation and management

(1) strengthen product development and market development, and organize production and marketing on an economic scale to achieve higher benefits

(2) management decomposes market pressure into processes and individuals, with deepening and refining process management as the main content. Take scientific and advanced detection, control, recording, analysis and processing technology as the main means. ① Talent management (absorption, training, use); ② Process technology, quality equipment and technology update management; ③ Management of raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption; ④ Cost, financial management

3. The foundry relies on scientific and technological progress and adopts advanced casting technology to make casting continue to move from experience and technology to science

advanced casting technology is characterized by clean melt, fine casting structure (high performance), smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy (less and no cutting), which can be called precision clean casting forming process

3 cleaner production in foundry - reducing pollution and consumption

the 21st century agenda for world environment and development emphasizes the sustainable development strategy of human society and economy, and puts forward the concept of cleaner production

from the current and long-term perspective of human society and enterprises, environment and development must be highly unified. To achieve sustainable development, production under the conditions of environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction is the last word. As producers and operators, the cleanliness of production objects must be paid special attention, otherwise enterprises cannot survive and develop

the so-called cleaning production should be the rational use of resources, the minimum use or use of renewable materials and energy, and cleaning processing. That is, from product design, raw materials to the whole process of production, we should use scientific and advanced technology, technical equipment and management, focus on prevention, control the whole process of production, and produce comprehensive high-quality products. The products produced are energy-saving, consumption reducing, less pollution, safe, reliable and long-life in the whole process of processing and application

the production site and the environment are safe, clean, comfortable, quiet, with less harmful and non-toxic emissions, a small number and maximum regenerative application (close to zero emissions). Promote preventive and intensive pollution control system. In this way, the comprehensive production cost is lower and the economic benefit is better. Cleaner production will bring two fundamental changes to environmental protection

(1) change from end-of-line treatment to real prevention oriented, and promote rational consumption of resources:

(2) change the production mode from extensive to intensive, making it possible to coordinate environmental protection and development, apply advanced technology and equipment to achieve environmental protection and efficiency, and emphasize that environmental protection is also quality

cleaner production will become the world economic development strategy in the 21st century. The "stunning conflicts" in the world may rewrite the pattern of international trade in the 21st century. The toughness of industrial materials is strengthened. Developed countries rely on advanced technology to replace non-tariff barriers with "green barriers" to curb the entry of products from developing countries into the international market. Therefore, enterprises should take the initiative to clear up barriers with cleaner production

cleaner production is not only necessary for enterprises to save energy, reduce consumption, improve product quality, reduce pollution, reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also necessary to break through the green barriers set by industrial developed countries and firmly occupy the international market. From different loading, it is divided into lever 4-ball experimental machine and hydraulic type. This is also the reason why far sighted entrepreneurs actively spend a lot of money on cleaner production technology transformation, the development of "green" products and the implementation of international enterprise standards (such as is, do you know in depth? O14000, etc.)

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