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Green care and wholehearted guarantee - Zoomlion forklift service Wanli activity kicked off

Green care and wholehearted guarantee - Zoomlion forklift service Wanli activity kicked off

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Zoomlion forklift service Wanli activity with the theme of "green care and wholehearted guarantee" officially kicked off on July 27, 2015

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since Zoomlion Heavy Industry, we can choose the most suitable data. When developing new data, data scientists should also stop testing the data. After a series of data to weigh the pause of new data development. Since the establishment of the vehicle company, the company has continuously made efforts to improve product quality and optimize product services, Adhering to the core concept of "providing customers with fast, convenient and professional services, meeting customer needs without reaching a high degree of accuracy, and creating customer emotion", we provide high-quality services with exquisite technology, pay attention to the different needs of customers at all stages of purchase, use, maintenance, maintenance, and update, and bring pleasure, emotion, and value-added economic benefits to customers through considerate services, Let customers continuously improve the operation quality and create greater value for customers

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the service Wanli activity carried out for three consecutive years combines the service concept of Zoomlion forklift, and the sales, technology, quality, service departments and agents, and finally the standard value merchants work together to establish a service team. Through visits to customers all over the country, we can deeply understand customer needs, make customers feel the initiative, efficiency and accuracy of Zoomlion forklift service, and further improve customer satisfaction

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the needs of customers are the inexhaustible driving force for the development of Zoomlion forklift. With the increasing improvement of the company's service system, the brand advantage has become increasingly prominent. I believe that Zoomlion forklift will be more competitive in the future

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