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Singapore News: at the end of 2008, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted that the global economic growth in 2009 would be 3%, of which the economic growth in the Asia Pacific region would be 5% higher than the global average. In the Asia Pacific region, China and India are regarded by the IMF as active regions for global economic growth, and the economic growth of these two countries and regions will be higher than 5%. The IMF's prediction shows that the Asia Pacific economy represented by China and India will become a huge lifting force in the global financial crisis

according to sheilasenathirajah, senior analyst of frost Sullivan chemical industry, the impact of the financial crisis on economic entities became more obvious in the first half of 2009. Global economic activities and commercial activities showed an unprecedented contraction, and this impact on developed economic regions is much more serious than developing regions. The global economic growth forecast released by the IMF in April this year lowered the current situation of the global economy by one level. The global economy is likely to experience negative growth in 2009, with an overall decline of 1.3%, while the decline in the Asia Pacific region is slightly lower than the global scale, at 1.1%

under the influence of the financial crisis, the situation faced by the global coating industry is similar to that of other leading industries. At the beginning of 2009, many industrial fields could not accurately predict the extent of the impact of the financial crisis on the industry, especially in the Asia Pacific region. How the 5% economic growth predicted at the beginning of the year would appear in different regions and different time periods was very vague in 2009

however, after interviewing several representative enterprises in the Asia Pacific region, sheilasenathirajah, an analyst at frost Sullivan, came to the conclusion that the economy of the Asia Pacific region experienced a 3% recession in the first half of 2009 due to the contraction of global business activities. The paint industry in India and China has maintained a double-digit development momentum in the past few years, but under the influence of the financial crisis, this figure may only have a real growth of 8-9% in 2009. This is a good achievement under the overall situation of the continuous downturn of the global coating industry

coating industry is largely defined as a supporting industry, It has a very important impact on the product industry and the end-user oriented manufacturing and service industry, inslet said: "I really hope that 3. What we cooperate with Jilin plant protection station is Su, such as automobile transportation, construction and residence, ship freight, white household appliances and wood furniture, which are important applications in the coating industry. However, in the economic crisis, we have seen many situations such as the production reduction of many automobile manufacturing enterprises, the closure of some factories, and the shrinkage of the construction real estate market, which are also directly reflected in the demand for coating products.

in home decoration Affected by the global market recession, the market demand for decorative coatings is likely to decline by 20-30%. In the automobile manufacturing industry, Japanese and Korean automobile enterprises are experiencing an ultra-low export trade period, and some enterprises even have to shut down Department factories. In other countries and regions, car sales have fallen by 25-50%. Although in South Korea, the government has introduced measures to abolish the car purchase tax, the improvement of the market is also very limited. For most manufacturing industries, cost reduction is one of the most effective ways to deal with the crisis. However, with the gradual recovery of the market, many enterprises are still very willing to strengthen investment in scientific and technological research and development

PEF polymers, which are actively studied by many enterprises, have shown the key advantages of 3D printing: the best adhesion, thermoplastic, lack of delamination and low thermal shrinkage. It is predicted that the global economy will show obvious signs of recovery in 2010. Therefore, the enterprise will continue to invest considerable expenditure on new product research and development, and is ready to invest in upgrading the output and capacity of the enterprise at any time. It can be said that although the crisis is particularly serious, the confidence of enterprises in the future has overcome the difficulties they are facing at present. In this situation, the coating and paint industry will also adapt to the changes in the market in terms of models, and there will be more environmentally friendly products and environmentally friendly solutions. "Green" will become the main theme of the paint market. What we can see now is that many paint manufacturers are actively carrying out technological research and development to make their production processes and product patterns meet the environmental protection requirements of low consumption, recycling and low emission

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