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The green cycle plan seeks a new path for the upgrading of the construction machinery industry

in the past year, with the introduction of the "26+2" new regulations by the Ministry of environmental protection, many places across the country have carried out key actions on the comprehensive treatment of air pollution. Excavators, loaders and other non road mobile machinery with high pollution emissions have become important targets for treatment. Many regions have designated areas where the use of high emission non road mobile machinery is prohibited, And conducted a rigorous investigation. At present, China's construction machinery market has nearly 10million units. A large number of old machines. 2. The problem of the test schedule during the maintenance of tension machines. The existence of old construction machinery is a serious solution to the atmospheric and environmental governance: powertest3.0 software needs to back up powertestd00c under the software installation path exe、Sansmachine. mdb、usbdll. dll、writenum. dll、HardPara. The heavy burden of data files under MDB files and data folders

on March 27, 2018, first construction machinery proposed to launch the "green cycle plan" in Beijing, which hopes to improve the almost blank in many places of the stock Industrial University through data opening, technological transformation and other means; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The emission and noise indicators of process machinery provide the market with high-quality green recycling products. Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd. is the first to settle in the plan as a strategic partner

what should the "green cycle plan" do

"green cycle planning" (abbreviated as GCP) takes "post market" as the breakthrough of the green cycle development of the whole construction machinery industry chain, through the joint industry of enterprises interested in deep cultivation in the post market, through the gradual establishment of an open construction machinery industry equipment operation big data platform, the establishment of equipment data file query and tracking and remanufacture servicing monitoring system Improve the emission and noise indicators of existing construction machinery products through new technologies, build a clear, transparent and honest new situation of high-quality second-hand construction machinery trading, and finally help to build a green recycling construction machinery industry system. In short, the "green cycle plan" needs to do three things:

1 Help build an industrial circular development system: advocate symbiotic coupling between upstream and downstream industries and peer enterprises to form a circular and linked industrial system. Advocate enterprises to implement full life cycle management, and systematically consider the impact of various links such as component selection, production, sales, use, recycling, servicing, remanufacturing, and re circulation on resources and environment in the development stage of product design to increase the resistance to microcracks

2. Build the "Internet +" construction machinery cycle information service platform: use the Internet and other digital information technology to establish the full life cycle traceability mechanism of construction machinery products, implement the operation status monitoring and remote diagnosis of servicing and remanufactured products, and explore the establishment of the whole process traceability service system covering the recycling of old equipment, the sale of servicing and remanufactured products, production and operation monitoring

3. Build a new financial service mode for construction machinery circulation and remanufacture: use financial means such as financial leasing, trade in, purchase by lease and insurance to serve the construction machinery circulation and remanufacture, promote the information sharing of reverse logistics and remanufactured products, and explore a new marketing mode for recycling and remanufactured construction machinery products based on e-commerce

why is Komatsu the first to settle in the "green cycle plan"

"green cycle plan" received a positive response from Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (Komatsu China for short) in the preparatory stage. Based on the common concept and, at this press conference, first construction machinery signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Komatsu China. The two sides will carry out a series of cooperation around green cycle business, data application, media communication and other aspects, with a view to jointly promoting the steady implementation of the "green cycle plan" in the construction machinery industry. As the first partner of the "green cycle plan", Komatsu China has been deeply engaged in the field of second-hand construction machinery for more than 15 years, and has formed four unique advantages in the industry

1. Perfect second-hand evaluation standard and strict business management process Komatsu's second-hand construction machinery business in China follows the global unified standard, has already introduced the complete second-hand construction machinery evaluation standard and management process into China, and has made corresponding adjustments according to the characteristics of the Chinese market. At present, there are more than 600 "Komatsu certified second-hand equipment appraisers", which will play a key role in truly and objectively evaluating the value of products. Komatsu China and Komatsu's agent stores have two management departments, which can deal with the rapid development of Erhe's trade in business in a standardized and efficient manner

2. Advanced ICT technologies such as konchashi provide Komatsu construction machinery products with full life cycle information big data. Komatsu helps users record a large number of equipment operation data and operations by virtue of advanced konchashi vehicle terminal and "my Komatsu" app, and provides more real equipment information data for second-hand construction machinery transactions as a reference. Komatsu China has established an information technology application headquarters and a new model of recycling business division to carry out more analysis and application of Komatsu's information assets and provide more value and services to customers

3. Perfect servicing and remanufacturing system Komatsu remanufactured complete machine not only provides users with high-quality equipment, but also reduces users' purchase costs. Komatsu remanufacture based on parts, especially the regeneration business of assembly parts, is also playing an increasingly important role. As the champion of the stock in China's excavator market, Komatsu also actively adjusted policies to encourage agents to carry out servicing business by reducing the price of pure parts used for servicing and increasing servicing subsidies, so as to greatly improve the quality and reliability of equipment after servicing

4. Enjoy the same high-quality after-sales service as the new machine, and the Komatsu certified second-hand equipment purchased by kangchashi through Komatsu's agent store and the original imported certified designated circulator can also enjoy the same high-quality after-sales service as the new equipment. Komatsu II rest assured project allows users to worry free and rest assured. In addition, Komatsu's certified second-hand equipment has also fully restored Komatsu's kangchashi service, allowing users to view the operation of the equipment through my Komatsu app anytime and anywhere

it is by adhering to the above four advantages that Komatsu has played an increasingly positive role and influence in China's second-hand construction machinery market. Looking back on his career in China for more than 60 years, Komatsu has always been committed to taking root in Chinese society, rewarding and developing together with Chinese society. For the second-hand construction machinery market in China that needs to be improved, Komatsu hopes to share his experience with the industry and do his best for its more benign and standardized development

the development of green cycle requires the efforts of the whole industrial chain

since the reform and opening up, the rapid growth of China's construction machinery industry and market has attracted the attention of the world, and has leapt to become the world's largest construction machinery manufacturing country and market. However, China's equipment manufacturing industry, including construction machinery, has long been characterized by the growth mode of "high input, high consumption, high pollution, low quality, low efficiency, low output" and "pollution first, treatment later", resulting in the waste of resources, environmental degradation, structural imbalance and other problems are very prominent

as China's economy enters the new normal, China's construction machinery development still has a very broad market space, but also faces the challenge of a new round of global competition in the industrial 4.0 era. In the new situation, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee put forward a new concept of green development, which is also the only way for the development of construction machinery

however, the green cycle development of construction machinery is not an isolated behavior of a single enterprise, but requires the efforts of the whole industrial chain and the participation of more enterprises in the industry. Only in terms of technical and organizational requirements, it is necessary to penetrate into all stages of the whole life cycle of construction machinery products, radiate every link from accessory supply, assembly and manufacturing, construction and production, to recycling, make all links of the industrial chain reflect the characteristics of environmental friendliness, and finally build a green recycling construction machinery industry system

the next five years will be a critical period for the implementation of the "manufacturing power" strategy and a crucial stage for the realization of green industrial cycle development. Resource and environmental issues are common challenges facing mankind. Promoting green growth and implementing a green new deal are the common choices of major economies in the world. The "green cycle plan" hopes to boost the industrial upgrading of China's construction machinery. At the same time, it also calls for more enterprises with a sense of industry to join

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