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Green consumption refuses luxury packaging

yesterday was the annual Mid Autumn Festival. As a timely food and gift, the market for moon cakes has returned to desolation after the pre Festival fire. The most regrettable thing is that all kinds of beautiful exquisite packaging materials have also fallen into the situation of being associated with garbage, which can not be regretted

over packaging has been criticized by the public. Not to mention the moon cakes with large luxury packages and small packages, they are the popular stars in food supermarkets this season; 400g of tea is divided into two tins, padded with foamed plastic and covered with yellow satin. After that, plus the exquisite metal or wood outer packaging, the weight will become three or four kilograms, and you must not choke if the price is a thousand or eight hundred. A box of American ginseng, said on the packaging box that there are only five capsules in it, but Leng adjusted the volume into the size of a schoolbag, but it was light in the hand

the above is a typical example of over packaging. Don't underestimate this chicken rib like packaging. According to the information provided by the state authoritative department, in 2005, the GDP of China's packaging products was 410billion yuan, with 2.3 interfaces and program controlled turnover, of which 70% of the packaging became one-time, and the waste was so huge that it was regrettable. In addition, according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, nearly US $24billion of export commodities in China are affected by the failure to meet the packaging requirements every year, a considerable part of which is caused by the packaging not meeting the green requirements. I don't know how long such a farce will last if I don't spare any money or even spend a lot of money on the packaging, but I'm disappointed by foreigners

over packaging and exaggerated packaging are not only misleading to consumers, but also a waste of resources. Packaging waste pollutes the environment, which is contrary to the principle of sustainable development. Since 1994, the main contents of the international market green requirements are appropriate packaging, materials in line with environmental protection indicators, etc. At present, many countries in the world have formulated restrictive laws and regulations on excessive packaging, and also measured the sample laws and regulations on the spot. For example, Japan has successively introduced laws and regulations such as the renewable resources utilization promotion law, the packaging container recycling law and the new packaging guidelines, which stipulate that the volume of the packaging container should be minimized, and the empty space in the container should not exceed 20% of the container volume; The packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the selling price. However, the packaging of many products in China lacks sustainable recycling, which runs counter to energy conservation and emission reduction, and increases the burden on consumers. In the face of this situation, it is imperative to introduce a packaging law in line with China's national conditions and industrial reality as soon as possible. At the same time, advocating reasonable and green consumption can also improve and improve the mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties of single 1 conventional materials to a certain extent, launch the campaign of everyone rejecting luxury packaging, and also call for the participation of every citizen

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