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Green China Chuangling "pulp" comes

Green China Chuangling "pulp" comes | Sany's new generation of complete mortar equipment shocked the market

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practice green development, advocate green life, and sany will run the concept of green development through the whole process of product production. On June 5, world environment day, Sany launched a new generation of mortar equipment and successfully held the promotion meeting of green building materials (ready mixed mortar). More than 300 people from all over the country, including leaders and experts of the mortar industry, friends of entrepreneurs, media representatives and leaders of the owner units, attended the event and discussed the current situation and future development of the mortar industry in depth

On the morning of June 5, the observation activity of the new generation C8 dry mixed mortar station was successfully held. Sany Heavy Industry launched the new generation C8 dry mixed mortar station and environmental friendly dry sand making equipment on world environment day, in response to the national environmental protection strategy and in-depth exploration of customer pain points. Chen Jing, senior deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry and general manager of pumping marketing company, said that as a leading enterprise in the global equipment manufacturing industry, "we have explored new possibilities for the development of the industry and provided more environmentally friendly and high-quality equipment to help mortar enterprises and commercial concrete enterprises upgrade their industries!"

Chen Jing, senior deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry and general manager of pumping marketing company delivered a speech

as the first mortar industry company based on the industrial chain in aripack, exploring a new operation mode and promoting mortar equipment, Changning Xingda Building Materials Co., Ltd. adopts Sany advanced mortar equipment, integrating sand production, dry mixed mortar, wet mixed mortar, concrete and complete sets of mechanized construction equipment, and takes the lead in completing the production of simple mortar The exploration of mortar construction from the whole process service transformation has made great contributions to green production and the transformation and upgrading of mortar equipment, and has been rated as the "benchmark station" of Sany ready mixed mortar complete equipment

"Sany ready mixed mortar equipment benchmarking station" licensing ceremony

based on the development of the industry, Sany's new generation of complete mortar equipment came into market

in the afternoon of June 5, as the sands symbolizing wealth slowly fell, Sany's new generation of complete mortar equipment officially came into market

Sany's new generation of complete mortar equipment was officially launched

"strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and comprehensively promoting green development" is an important part of the "14th five year plan". It is imperative to promote the high-quality development of housing and urban and rural construction, and the comprehensive upgrading of green and high-quality building materials. Guo Xi, Secretary General of China ready mixed mortar Association, said, "the development of ready mixed mortar is unstoppable! Its large-scale, digital, intelligent and green development is inseparable from an excellent enterprise like Sany that provides high-quality, high-end and environmental friendly mortar equipment."

Guo Xi, Secretary General of China ready mixed mortar Association, shares the current situation of the industry

to solve the pain points of the industry, dry mixed mortar is unstoppable. With the gradual improvement of infrastructure construction and the increasingly stringent environmental protection laws and regulations, the traditional on-site mixing mortar is increasingly unable to meet the development requirements of new construction. There are dust pollution, a single variety of mortar, construction quality and efficiency. Jinan universal testing machine is used as a high-precision testing instrument, When purchasing, we must check the internal configuration of the experimental machine. The internal configuration directly affects the service life of the experimental machine itself. In many cases, the failure of the experimental machine due to the destruction of some parts leads to the low operation of the experimental machine

Sany new generation mortar complete equipment is committed to providing a full process solution for the mortar industry. It has the characteristics of efficient production, implementation of the national new material standard pilot action plan, accurate measurement, energy conservation and environmental protection, stability and reliability, convenient use, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs. In terms of environmental protection, Sany new generation dry mixing mortar station and sand making building adopt high-efficiency forced negative pressure active dust collection technology and negative pressure closed production technology, which solves the problems of ash emission and filter bag agglomeration in the production process and meets the national green production requirements

duanpeng, general manager of Sany mortar equipment marketing, delivered a speech

with the rise of green construction from the "basic national policy" to the "national strategy", the supervision and protection of the ecological environment is bound to be more strict, and the refined development of green building is unstoppable. Sany Heavy Industry will continue to overcome difficulties, update and iterate, and invest in the construction of modern "cities of the future" with more green and intelligent mortar equipment

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