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The seminar on Printing green business opportunities was held in Shenzhen

with the rapid development of the printing industry, the pressure on the environment has attracted more and more attention from people of insight in the printing industry. On November 13, the "printing green business opportunity seminar" hosted by the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce was held in Shenzhen. Participants agreed that green printing is the fundamental way out for the development of the printing industry. "Continuously improve the products to meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection; continuously improve the working environment and safety; protect colleagues from other occupational injuries; promote and effectively implement environmental protection and occupational safety; assist customers to use various products safely and more environmentally friendly through various information and training." This is the "environmental protection declaration" issued by Heidelberg company at the seminar. It is reported that Heidelberg's work in creating a green printing environment mainly focuses on energy conservation and consumption, reducing noise, reducing various radiation and evaporation, maintaining environmental and air cleanliness, recycling and reuse, etc. Agfa introduced the treatment process and application of the latest environmental protection product - "no treatment plate" to the participants. Compared with the traditional CTP plate, the treatment free plate has obvious advantages in terms of cost and environmental protection. Agfa has conducted an investigation with 100 newspaper printers around the world. According to the research and development results of Shandong Weihai development fiber, which has just broken through the T700 level technology, although it is not cheap, we can ignore that these have a great impact on the physical and mechanical properties of products. Chemical free purple laser printing plates are the most popular. Agfa called for "let the printed matter bear more social lubrication". Konica Minolta focuses on how to reduce the use of chemical materials in prepress and post press processes. Sappi pointed out in its speech entitled "paper and environmental protection" that green production and procurement management can not only enhance the corporate image, but also make the enterprise "turn crisis into opportunity". The participants included representatives of world-famous enterprises Heidelberg, Agfa, Konica Minolta, Roland, SGS, Sappi and nearly 200 domestic printing peers

source: China Publishing News

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