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Green commitment - China paper industry sustainable development forum held in Haikou

China paper industry sustainable development forum believes that the integration of forestry, pulp and paper can well solve the problem of sustainable development of China's paper industry

on June 26, green commitment - China paper industry sustainable development forum was held in Haikou City, Hainan Province, where the intensity of marine materials is higher. Wang Zhibao, former director of the State Forestry Administration and President of the China greening foundation, Kou Wenzheng, former director of the Resources Department of the State Forestry Administration and vice president of the China Forestry Industry Association, as well as relevant leaders of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Forestry Department of Hainan Province, and more than 200 representatives of some non-governmental organizations, media and academic institutions attended the forum. More than a dozen experts expressed their views on the challenges faced by China's paper industry, the shortage of raw materials, cleaner production and other issues of concern. Everyone agreed that under the current situation, the only way out for China's paper industry is to take the path of sustainable development

Luo Songshan, deputy director of the Research Office of the Investment Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said in the speech "the Chinese government actively promotes the policy of Forest Pulp and paper integration", the implementation of the circular development of Forest Pulp and paper integration is not only the current world trend, but also can break the management mode of the separation of the forestry and paper industry in the past, and integrate the originally separated three links of Forest Pulp and paper with paper enterprises as the main body and capital or operating interests as the link, Form a win-win development pattern of combining forestry and paper with industrial cycle. Luo Songshan also said that the Chinese government strongly supports and encourages the development of Forest Pulp paper integration. Owning or joining Forest Pulp paper integration paper enterprises will receive support in fiscal, financial, forest rights and other policies. Subsequently, Dr. Xu Daping, director of the Institute of tropical forestry of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, said that the gap in China's wood pulp production by 2015 was still more than 8 million cubic meters, and Eucalyptus fast-growing and high-yield forests were the inevitable choice to solve the integration of Forest Pulp and paper

in terms of environmental protection in the paper industry, Xu Shufan, deputy director of the Department of science and technology of the Ministry of environmental protection, said that China will spend nearly 15billion yuan on environmental protection, which has not been done in China's history. Environmental protection in the paper industry plays an important role in the national environmental protection. Since it is difficult for small and medium-sized paper enterprises to solve environmental protection problems, overall large-scale production is certainly a direction. As a paper-making enterprise, we must find ways to use foreign and domestic capital to speed up the scale expansion. For the forest certification issue that has attracted much attention from CIRA paper industry at present, the Deputy Secretary General of China forest and Paper Industry Association, guohp has cooperated with Evonik and Arkema; Shi Feng, head of the preparatory group of the forest certification center of the State Forestry Administration, revealed that the establishment of China's first forest certification is being completed with the fastest speed and the best quality, and the certification body is expected to officially start its work within two months

Mr. Henry Poole, an internationally renowned paper expert, was specially invited to the forum. He said in his speech that if China's paper industry, which used to be dirty, messy and poor, was called the old China era, then China's paper industry, which now adopts the world's advanced paper technology, has entered a new China era, but China must also become a newer China and achieve greater success in the sustainable development of the paper industry. He was very happy to share with the participants his feelings after visiting Jindong paper and Hainan Jinhai Pulp and paper factory under app (China). He believes that app (China) has a very smart idea and its strategy is very good. The use of advanced machines and short fiber raw materials has effectively reduced costs, while producing high-quality paper products, and has also achieved very good results in environmental protection. Finally, Henry Poole concluded that no matter how advanced the papermaking machine is, it also needs human wisdom. China's paper industry is constantly thinking about new methods, which makes me believe that China will have the opportunity to become one of the largest paper-making countries in this century in the future

Kou Wenzheng, former director of the Resources Department of the State Forestry Administration and vice president of the China Forestry Industry Association, issued a summary report for the forum. He said that the forestry and paper branch of China Forestry Industry Association hosted the forum to promote the development of green paper industry through exchanges from all walks of life. He said that as long as we all work together to eliminate the fine dumping, closely combine Forest Pulp, more afforestation, build good forests, and develop industrial raw material forests in a sound and fast direction, China's paper industry will be a sunrise industry, and China's industrial raw material forests will also be a sunrise industry! (xiaoyunfeng)

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