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Analysis: advantages and characteristics of copper aluminum tube

aluminum tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal tube. It is a drawn seamless pipe. The higher the purity, the higher the corrosion resistance. It is widely used to transport concentrated nitric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, etc., but it cannot be used to transport lye. It is also used in the manufacture of heat exchange equipment

first, the advantages of welding technology: the welding technology of thin-walled copper aluminum tubes suitable for industrial production, known as a world-class problem, is the key technology of replacing copper with aluminum for connecting tubes of air conditioners. After tens of thousands of repeated experiments, experts from the Institute of materials science and engineering of Ocean University of China and Qingdao Haiqing Machinery General Factory invented a new welding method - resistance pressure welding method in 2003. This welding method can realize the welding without copper aluminum eutectic structure and the combination of copper and aluminum atoms in the weld. The weld is very firm. After tensile, bending, flattening and other mechanical tests, There is no gap. Therefore, the preparation technology of "copper aluminum connecting pipe of air conditioner" has obtained the national invention patent, and the copper aluminum connecting pipe product has been jointly identified as a national key new product by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the State Environmental Protection Administration. At present, this invention is applying for an international invention patent

the weld strength of the third generation copper aluminum connecting pipe produced by this technology is higher than that of copper pipe and aluminum pipe

second, the upper and lower jaws of sushi have different life advantages: from the inner wall of the aluminum pipe, because the refrigerant does not contain water, the inner wall of the copper aluminum connecting pipe will not be corroded. China's refrigerator industry has used aluminum tubes for more than 20 years, and more than 100million refrigerators have used aluminum tubes. Aluminum tubes corroded from the inside to the outside have never been found. Judging from the appearance of copper aluminum pipe, its appearance adopts cross-linked polyethylene (heat shrinkable pipe) for anti-corrosion treatment and overall protection to ensure that it is isolated from the corrosion of water and humid air on the aluminum pipe, with a service life of more than 20 years. The copper pipe is not subject to anti-corrosion treatment, and its appearance is exposed, which may cause certain corrosion within 20 years, indicating that the service life of copper aluminum connecting pipe is higher than that of copper pipe

the third is energy-saving advantages: the lower the heat transfer efficiency of the connecting pipeline between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the more energy-saving, or the better the heat insulation effect, the more power-saving. Whether copper pipe or aluminum pipe is used as the connecting pipe, a layer of thermal insulation sleeve should be wrapped around the metal pipe. The main function of this layer of sleeve is to improve the thermal insulation effect and reduce the cooling loss caused by the connecting pipe. The thermal conductivity of copper is 1.8 times that of aluminum, so the use of copper aluminum connecting pipe will be conducive to the insulation of connecting pipe, reduce the waste of cooling capacity, and improve the level of energy saving

in addition, there is a layer of cross-linked polyethylene pipe on the surface to prevent corrosion, which further increases the heat insulation effect. Therefore, the heat dissipation of copper aluminum connecting pipe is far less than that of copper pipe, which has the advantage of energy saving

fourth, excellent bending performance, easy to install and move. Aluminum tube is softer than copper tube. The design wall thickness of aluminum tube of copper aluminum connecting tube is 1.5 times that of copper tube, which not only ensures the strength, but also is easier to install and move than all copper connecting tube; If the cost is reduced simply by reducing the wall thickness of the copper pipe, such as using a copper pipe with a wall thickness of ≤ 0.6mm, it is not only easy to flatten and sag, but also easy to affect the sealing effect between the connecting pipe and the internal and external machines, resulting in leakage, affecting the refrigeration effect of the air conditioner, and even scrapping of the copper pipe. Therefore, there is an approximate conversion relationship between the hardness value of the material and the tensile strength value. The installation performance of the copper aluminum connecting pipe is significantly better than that of the transmission connecting pipe for which the declaration of conformity was first put forward. Because the refrigeration effect of air conditioners is closely related to the installation quality, air conditioners using copper aluminum connecting pipes are easier to install and have more guaranteed refrigeration effect

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