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Analysis on several problems of corrugated board pressing line fracture

(1) the gap between the upper and lower pressing rollers is too small

adjust the gap between the upper and lower pressing rollers according to the shape of the corrugated board and the thickness of the corrugated board to maintain a reasonable pressure strength. If the pressing strength is too small, although it will not cause the pressing line fracture, it must bend the box cover plate too much when the paper box is combined, which will eventually crack, This phenomenon often occurs in the production of low-grade base paper, and the pendulum is gently placed on the cardboard on the base

(2) the assembly position of the crimping wheel is misaligned

in order to install the crimping wheel accurately, there is usually a 1mm centering slotted seam when processing the crimping wheel. If it is not well matched, it will not only break the crimping and the edges and corners of the box assembly will be bad, but also shake the cover, virtual seam or overlap, resulting in the defects of the cardboard box. Of course, the processing defects of the line pressing wheels of various machines will also cause line pressing cracks

(3) the problem of secondary rolling pressure

the edges and corners of the transverse indentation line rolled by the upper and lower line pressing wheels are not as good as the result of the indentation of the line touching indentation machine, but the productivity and economy of the two are difficult to compare. Therefore, in order to make the longitudinal indentation of the paperboard production line and the indentation of the upper and lower crimping wheels of the paper separation machine reach or close to the edges and corners of the magnetic line indentation, it is theoretically possible to install the upper and lower crimping wheels on the two crimping shafts before and after the paperboard indentation machine. The first rolling line the paperboard passes through is the pre rolling indentation line. Change the corrugated paperboard structure at the indentation, and then pass through the second rolling indentation line. The first pre pressure is slightly lower than the second rolling pressure, In this way, we can achieve good edges and corners at the ward auto conference

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