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Decoration is another major event in life besides buying a house. The purchase of large and small decoration materials and the determination of decoration design scheme are very annoying. Even if you find a decoration company to do it all, you may not be able to avoid the trouble. The owner also needs to carefully check and accept the corners. A few days ago, at the Wuhan home decoration network decoration Forum, a Hanfei foreign house impression owner wrote this decoration diary. The owner hopes to record his hard decoration in the form of words, and help Wuhan decoration owners who are decorating or are about to decorate. Hurry up and follow Xiaobian to see the details

[specific room type]: impression of Hanfei foreign house, 107 square meters, three bedrooms and two halls

[water and electricity construction and decoration]

after determining the location of the socket in the home, I asked the construction master about how much it would cost. The master replied that it would look like sevenoreight thousand. This figure was 2K less than the 6000 quotation given by the designer before our decoration. Later, the designer and the project manager were brought in, and finally said that 6600-6800 could be done. The tragic thing began from this. Because my husband and I were not on the scene when installing water and electricity, When it was done, we went to see and asked how much it would cost. The result was that it was said that the 6800 was all done. As a result, he said that he didn't measure the meter of the wire. Finally, there was nothing he could do, so he had to let it go

in fact, the biggest problem is that we don't want to replace many wires. They have all replaced them. Of course, they say it's on them, and the wool comes from the sheep. Everyone knows this truth. How can they lose money? Therefore, when installing water and electricity, the owner must be present and watch to measure the wires, otherwise the real length of the wires really doesn't know, and can only be estimated. Fortunately, however, they did their work quite seriously. We invited the project supervisor for acceptance and did not find out the problem


1. Reasonable arrangement of sockets

2. The installation of water and electricity must be present

3. Whether the hot and cold water pipes need to be installed, and the installation location, kitchen and bathroom need to be installed, and the balcony can not be required

4. The difference between true and false wires: now home decoration generally uses Jinlongyu wires, which are false and true. There are 19 copper wires in a real wire, and there are fewer fake ones. Also, pay attention to whether the words on the outer skin of the wire can be vigorously erased. If so, it is fake

5. Do you know the difference between 4 square lines, 2.5 square lines and 6 square lines

the square here refers to square millimeter, which is the cross-sectional diameter of the wire. The specifications of wires commonly used in home decoration are "2.5 square meters" and "4 square meters". "2.5 square meters" line is generally used for weak current, "4 square meters" line is used for strong current, if it is a strong current such as central air conditioning, it needs "6 square meters" line, but very few

6. The charges for sockets and angle valves of water and electricity should be calculated separately

this thing is also one of the things I think is very stupid. Doing water and electricity is just connecting lines. The money for sockets and angle valves of faucets should be calculated separately. How can anyone do half of it! The sockets will not be installed until the final completion. The sockets cost 8 yuan each. Our house has 58 sockets, which is a lot more expensive. In addition, there are water valves, faucets and lamps. I buy Lamps and lanterns online. Taobao can pay in installments, which is very cost-effective and does not charge a handling fee. It is suitable for our money shortage, but it is a little bad. If we buy Lamps and lanterns online, there is no installation package, and there is also an installation fee of 50 yuan per lamp. But the price on the Internet is really much cheaper than that in physical stores. A crystal lamp in physical stores is not more than 1000-2000, and I can't get it at all. I chose LED crystal lamps online only more than 600, and the lamps cost a total of more than 1000. I also bought corner valves online. The average price of jucost-effective all copper is only 13.9, and the quality is very good ~

7. How to route

whether it's wires or water pipes, many decoration companies will recommend you to go at right angles. It seems normal to walk at right angles. But there is something fishy about it: there are more than half of the materials. The right angle line looks normal, but it is often difficult to repair it later, because too many right angles are not good, and the bad line will be pulled out. In order to save materials, we basically take a diagonal line instead of a right angle. In fact, I don't think your floor will vibrate much, and it won't be damaged vigorously. There's nothing wrong with the slash, and it won't be too difficult to maintain in the later stage

8. Before buying a socket

when making water and electricity, I didn't expect that the original connected socket was also connected like a row plug. Later, it was useless to see it, because the inner shell had been installed, and there was no way to change it. When buying a socket, I am most concerned about the distance between the two 5-hole sockets. The bull brand is the one with the largest distance, and other brands are not as large as it. The distance between our vision series is very small, only a few dozen. What we buy is the Pinyi series, which is not bad. We must calculate it well when buying a socket

the Siemens socket we bought in jd.com was originally more than 800, but it was reduced by about 200 when it was full, and finally we won all the more than 600. In terms of unit price, the Siemens socket of qijia.com is cheaper than that of other places. If you shop around and encounter an event, it may also be cheaper than Qijia. We just caught up with this event

let's talk about our hydropower construction first, and then post again when the project has a chance

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