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Elm furniture is a kind of solid wood furniture. Compared with mahogany, Huanghua pear wood, golden Phoebe and other valuable wood, the price of elm is more close to the people. Therefore, it is deeply loved by everyone. What about elm furniture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of elm furniture? How to maintain it later? Next, let's get to know each other

advantages and disadvantages of elm furniture - advantages:

1. The old elm furniture has strong toughness and corrosion resistance

the grain of elm wood is clear and smooth, and its strength and hardness are suitable for making carved furniture and exquisite handicrafts

2. The wood is stable and full of beauty

the wood used in old elm furniture has been tested by time, ranging from decades to hundreds of years ago, so the wood is very stable and will not deform and grow insects. With a layer of natural oil colored paste wrapped on the surface, it looks very beautiful

3. The patterns are exquisite and distinctive, and can be used to make high-end handicrafts.

elm sapwood is dark yellow, heartwood is dark purple gray, and the texture is clear. With smooth planing and beautiful patterns on the chord surface, various exquisite carved lacquer handicrafts can be made

4. Large value-added space

old elm furniture will be more and more valuable with the growth of years. Firstly, the material performance of elm is gradually stable after cutting. Secondly, the growth cycle of elm is long, and it takes about 100 years from planting to cutting. Rare things are expensive, which is also the reason for its value increase

advantages and disadvantages of elm furniture - disadvantages:

1. New elm has the disadvantages of easy deformation, love insects, serious shrinkage, etc., while the disadvantages of old elm are that there will be old insect eyes, cracks and other phenomena in some places

2. Elm wood needs to be dried in the drying room during processing, so it is not easy to crack. However, because elm wood is not easy to dry, many manufacturers in the market do not dry in place due to many problems such as cost and equipment, and the elm furniture produced is easy to crack and deform

how to maintain elm furniture:

1. The temperature of old elm furniture is required to be between 20-30 ℃. If the floor heating is installed at home, pay attention to heating in stages, and do not let the temperature be too high to cause damage

2. Avoid putting old elm furniture in direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise it will easily cause fading and cracking

3. Old elm has the characteristics of moisture absorption and expansion. It is suggested that old elm furniture should not be placed in a wet place to avoid mildew and cracking

4. Keep windows open and ventilated at home to keep the indoor temperature and humidity relatively stable

conclusion: the above is the relevant content about the advantages and disadvantages of elm furniture. I hope it can help you. If you still need to know about building materials in the later stage, please continue to pay attention to the information




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