Wuhan decoration cost may increase by 10% in 2014

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"The price of workers is really high now, much higher than the income of ordinary white-collar workers. In the back, the decoration cost is only getting more and more expensive." Facing the increasingly expensive labor costs, Xiao Liu, the owner who is preparing to decorate today, can't help feeling that the carpentry costs will be much higher when compared with the quotation last year. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will take you to have a detailed understanding of the decoration market in Wuhan this year

the reporter learned in the interview that at the end of 2013, the wages of some carpenters have risen to 250 yuan/day, and at the beginning of the new year, some good carpenters are up to 300 yuan/day Compared with last year, woodworking has the largest increase this year, with an average increase of 10% to 15%. In the face of rising labor and material costs, the decoration after the price rise this year will cost at least 20000 more than before. Can you afford it

can you afford to increase the woodworking fee by 200-300 yuan/day

"water electricians rose the year before last, bricklayers rose last year, carpenters rose this year, and painters rose next year." A project manager revealed that since the beginning of this year, the price rise of carpentry has been higher than that of other types of work, up to 10% to 15%. The wages of carpentry can be settled by day, by hardening, by engineering and other ways. If it is settled by day, it was 200 yuan a day last year, and 220-300 yuan a day this year; if it is settled by engineering, if the project can be completed in a month, the monthly salary is generally about 89000 yuan. "

general manager Wang of a decoration company said, "labor costs will only get higher and higher, and 2014 will only be more expensive than last year, so decoration is the same as buying a house, so we should take advantage of it!" As decoration, he said that they are also very helpless in the face of rising labor costs. The psychological budget of consumers will not rise, so the profits of decoration companies will be thinner and thinner

it is recommended to book decoration directly in the backcourt of carpentry to prevent price rise.

recently, the owners who invite carpentry decoration themselves should have a hard time saying, "raising the price" is no surprise, and the prices opened by "guerrilla" carpenters after the year have also risen

why is the cost of carpentry rising so high this year? The material cost of carpentry has risen, and the labor cost of carpentry is not cheap. The manager of the Engineering Department of a decoration company in Wuhan said that in the past, it was the home decoration company that chose carpenters. Now it is the home decoration company that carpenters choose carpenters. There is an increasing shortage of skilled masters, and the carpenter team is facing the problem of age gap and youth shortage. A designer also said that today's carpenters tend to be younger. Not many good craftsmanship can be inherited, and the fault phenomenon is very serious. Many decoration company project managers hire skilled carpenters everywhere

however, the soldiers will block the water and cover the earth. Now the decoration companies deal with it in the customary way: to cope with the increasing labor costs, many home decoration companies recommend the owners to carpenter the backyard or adopt industrialized production and installation. Save time, effort and money, or a wise choice

are you still waiting to place an order before the price rise of the home decoration company

the owners who are going to decorate this year all begin to make plans for decoration after the new year. Decoration companies consult and run the building materials market. However, everything needs to be compared with three companies, and they are watching the decoration trend and price in March this year. At present, the cost of materials and labor is rising. Do you think the cost of home decoration can rise

the labor cost in the decoration process is not a small expenditure, including water electrician, carpenter, painter, bricklayer... Various types of work. Under the current market, the daily price of ordinary bricklayer has risen to 300 yuan/day. You say that after the completion of the whole project, how many workers have not signed the bill before the price rise? This account can not be underestimated

in participating in home decoration activities, it was found that many owners' psychological expectation was that the price was only 500 yuan per square meter. An engineering boss of a home decoration company explained to the reporter that this kind of estimation home decoration company would only lose money. At present, most decoration companies in Wuhan have not yet determined the increase, but the price increase is imperative. Now, only labor cost, if the home decoration company provides a quotation with a budget less than 700, it will lose





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