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Teijin thermoplastic CFRP parts ushered in mass production

after the automobile of Teijin's thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composite (CFRP) "serenebo" yielded, it was loaded onto the test piece to produce obvious deformation, that is, the loading of the parts was stopped and "ushered in the final stage of mass production" (jiyelong, head of Teijin's carbon fiber and composite business and head of DONGBANG teknix, see Figure). This news was announced at the business briefing held by Teijin in Tokyo on November 6, 2014. Mass production parts are planned to be used in the global strategic vehicles of General Motors (GM, hereinafter referred to as GM)

in the printing industry, nano materials can not only be used for the preparation of printed circuits

General Motors and teiren signed an agreement on the joint development of mass-produced vehicle thermoplastic CFRP in December 2011, announcing that the thermoplastic CFRP technology will be used in the mass-produced vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks and cross-border vehicles sold by General Motors worldwide. At that time, the emperor said that "the goal is to use this technology on tens of thousands of mass production vehicles every year after 2015 as long as a few MV", but no progress has been announced since then. "After a lot of research, the general internal standard has been met recently, and the CFRP material has been recognized as applicable to automobiles" (Yoshino)

it is also considered to build a mass production plant

teiren's thermoplastic CFRP material, which is characterized by high production efficiency that can be formed in one minute and low cost that can be realized by virtue of high production efficiency. As for this material, Teijin did not disclose the type of resin and the parts equipped on the vehicle, but the company disclosed some contents related to resin and molding method when it published thermoplastic CFRP materials in march2011

according to what has been disclosed in radar microwave stealth, polypropylene (PP) and polyamide (PA) are used as resins, and stamping and injection molding are used as forming methods. In addition, two kinds of substrates, unidirectional substrate and isotropic substrate, were prepared for stamping. The particles for injection molding are products reinforced with long carbon fibers

in addition, teiren also stressed that the company has developed and completed the technology of joining between thermoplastic CFRP parts or between thermoplastic CFRP parts and metal parts

progress of GM and teiren's thermoplastic CFRP mass production vehicle project up to now

teiren has begun to consider the plan to build two factories in North America under the smooth progress of this project. One of them is a CFRP component forming plant. Teiren intends to provide thermoplastic CFRP molding as CFRP parts to Ge, rather than in the form of carbon fiber, molding materials or intermediate substrates. Therefore, the company is considering building a plant in North America to provide GM with auto parts

another plant is a carbon fiber mass production plant. Yoshino said, "in the United States, there is expected to be a lot of demand in the fields of auto parts and pressure vessels. The construction location, production capacity, investment amount, production date, etc. of the plant will be decided in the near future."

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