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Don't mythologize imported machine tools anymore. Count down those imported machine tools of Keng dad Abstract: the statement that "domestic products are inferior to people" is comparable to a flood of animals. In the hearts of many people who don't know the truth, they have formed the view that "domestic machine tools are far inferior to imported machine tools", but in fact it is not all the same

machine tool industry is the foundation of manufacturing industry and the cornerstone of China's industrial development. However, this industry is now full of many unrealistic and unrealistic remarks. Many machine tool professionals who claim to be senior in the industry have jumped out and used various misleading remarks to impress the public. These remarks have no empirical evidence, but they are very confusing, such as imported machine tools that have been mythologized by the public. In the mouth of these "senior people", all domestic machine tools are inferior to foreign equipment. The steel-making technology, heat treatment technology and key parts technology of China's machine tools are poor. Even if the Chinese assemble the world's first machine tools, no one will buy them

Ji'er machine tool

the statement that "domestic products are inferior to people" is comparable to a flood of animals. In the hearts of many melon eaters who do not know the truth, the view that "domestic machine tools are far inferior to imported machine tools" has been formed. In fact, this is not all the case. For a simple example, it has been rumored that the five axis CNC system was sold to China by foreigners. Without the five axis technology of foreigners, China would never have built machine tools. However, in fact, domestic enterprises such as Dalian Guangyang, Shanghai rennac, Shanghai Tuopu, Shenzhen Hyde League, Wuhan Huazhong, Guangzhou Guangshu, Shenyang Feiyang, Shenyang Lantian, Shaanxi Huatuo have commercialized five axis CNC systems. Among them, many systems have withstood the severe test of the market. Beijing Jingdiao's five axis system has also entered a mature stage, all for its own use and not for external sales

at present, domestic machine tools of some brands are not inferior to imported machine tools in processing efficiency and precision. In the middle and low-end machine tool market, apart from innovation and design capabilities, foreign and Chinese machine tools with the same positioning are almost at the same level. In terms of price, domestic machine tools have great advantages

Beijing Jingdiao

in the eyes of some Chinese people, foreign machine tools have fewer failures and domestic machine tools have more failures. But is it true? Why did this happen

imported machine tools are generally regarded as the core equipment by users, which are only used for precision machining processes. At the same time, they undertake the facade responsibilities of the enterprise, and enjoy good daily treatment: living in a constant temperature room to ensure that the machine tool is not affected by temperature rise and thermal deformation, digging anti vibration ditches around to prevent the transmission of vibration waves from other equipment, and the operator is the best operator in the enterprise, equipped with fixtures and cutters that have done dynamic balance Use the best lubricating oil and cutting fluid, and arrange the best level of maintenance

however, domestic machine tools are "stepmothers", doing the most tiring, bitter and dirty work and enjoying the worst treatment. "Air conditioning? Don't be ridiculous. This valuable machine tool still needs a constant temperature environment?" The logic of using domestic machine tools is that they want the horse to run fast and do not want to feed the horse. Most domestic machine tools are in a disorderly environment. When new employees arrive, they are first arranged to practice on domestic machine tools, and the frequent heavy knife overload operation. Dirty environment, lack of maintenance, overload operation and improper use are the four main reasons for the rising failure rate of domestic machine tools

in such an environment, domestic machine tools obviously have no advantages. To put it mildly, domestic machine tools are based on the worst operating environment. Let's take a look at those imported machine tools that are well cared for. They also have frequent accidents. We should not "enshrine" all imported machine tools and look down on the machine tool products produced by domestic enterprises. Next, let's take a look at the "pit father" side of imported machine tools from the real report

the imported CNC machine tools in Shaoxing have potential safety hazards, and the unqualified rate within one year is 19%

in recent years, Many enterprises in Keqiao have accelerated the "machine replacement" "At the same time, imported CNC machine tools have become the first choice in the upgrading of enterprises. However, it is surprising that many imported CNC machine tools have more or less problems. According to statistics, from 2015 to the end of July this year, Shaoxing inspection and Inspection Bureau has quickly promoted the number of plastic machines imported into China in recent years to complete the inspection of 110 batches of imported machine tools. The countries or regions of origin are mainly Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, etc., of which 2 are unqualified 1 batch, with a rejection rate of 19%

according to the analysis, the main unqualified reasons of these CNC machine tools involve the lack of Chinese instructions, or the absence of Chinese warning signs, or the unqualified protection grade of the electric control box. In particular, the quality and safety problems of Korean imported CNC machine tools are the most prominent. Among the 16 batches of imported CNC machine tools inspected, 14 batches were unqualified, and the batch unqualified rate was as high as 88%. (information source: Shaoxing inspection and Quarantine Bureau)

Quzhou imported equipment "physical examination" recovered losses of more than 4million US dollars in 8 months

after finding the problem, the inspectors immediately contacted the British side and confirmed the situation, coordinated the import and export sides to sign the agreement on reissue of goods, and issued relevant inspection certificates for the entry customs clearance of reissued equipment, so as to avoid paying customs duties again. "Due to proper handling, the reissued equipment has successfully arrived at the enterprise and entered the installation and commissioning stage." Zhejiang Kaishan group said

it is reported that in January this year, Quzhou imported 149 batches of mechanical and electrical equipment for legal inspection, with a value of US $10.87 million. 12 batches were found to be unqualified, with a value of US $4.04 million. The detection rate of unqualified batches was 8.1%, and the detection rate of unqualified values was as high as 37.2%, which saved more than US $4 million in economic losses for enterprises. Computer software was used to collect the physical quantities of the experimental process in real time. "Unqualified products mainly include lathes, CNC machine tools, X-ray application equipment and other products." The inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Quzhou provides good shock absorption performance for the feet, which is introduced by yemeiyan, director of the inspection and supervision department. (source: Quzhou)

imported machine tools in Xinxiang, Henan Province do not work "normally" for half a year. Is this a strike

Two f500/50 CNC machine tools and one f650/50 CNC machine tool, totaling five CNC machine tools, are used to expand production and improve product quality due to the gradual recovery of economies in the Middle East and Africa

after the new year's day of 2015, according to the agreement, five CNC machine tools entered the workshop of Guanghong machinery. When Guanghong machinery was ready to put into production after the installation and commissioning were qualified, Guanghong machinery found that three CNC machine tools -- two f500/50 CNC machines and one f650/50 CNC machine tool -- began to show "acclimatization" -- did not meet the accuracy standards agreed in the technical agreement, resulting in the production of products that were all scrap. What a pity

after the machine tool appeared, Guanghong machinery began to report the situation to Beijing Delite and seek solutions. "About March, 2015, Guanghong machinery called me and said that there was a problem with the equipment and it needed to be repaired. I transferred it to the technicians. The technicians judged that it was the quality problem of the four-axis turntable. Hyundai Weiya also thought so and asked Guanghong machinery to find a manufacturer producing the four-axis turntable." GUI Jiguo, former sales manager of Beijing Delite, recalled

then, for as long as three months, neither the four axle manufacturer nor the technical personnel of Beijing Delite were able to "cure" the "problems" of the three equipment. Finally, the four axle manufacturer made a "military order" to make it clear that the quality problems of its products were not its own. It was not until the technical personnel of Hyundai Weiya settled in Guanghong machinery in June last year that things took a turn

in July, 2015, after about a month of troubleshooting, the technicians of Hyundai Weiya finally found the cause of the problems of the three machine tools. By changing the temperature of the oil cooler from 40 ℃ at the factory setting to 25 ℃, the three equipment finally began to operate normally. (source: Chinese quality)

therefore, imported machine tools are not necessarily impeccable, let alone myth. Foreigners are also human beings. Machine tools produced will also break down. Don't be blind and superstitious. On the contrary, domestic machine tools also have good products, which should not be beaten to death with a stick

the following is the statistics of the import and export of the machine tool industry in the first half of this year:

the import and export of the machine tool industry in the first half of 2017 was US $11.67 billion, an increase of 6.52% over the first half of 2016 (hereinafter referred to as year-on-year). Among them, the import was USD 6.548 billion, a year-on-year increase of 4.13%; Exports reached US $5.123 billion, a year-on-year increase of 9.73%. The import and export deficit was 1.425 billion US dollars

1. The import of metal processing machine tools decreased, and the import of parts and accessories of metal cutting machine tools increased significantly. The import decline of the whole industry in 2016 was in the double digits, and turned to growth in the first half of 2017, indicating a slight increase in domestic demand. In the first half of the year, 39400 metal processing machine tools were imported, amounting to US $3.816 billion, a decrease of 1.95%. The processing center imported 13300 sets, amounting to US $1.445 billion, a decrease of 3.97%

2. Export turned from decline to growth. The export of CNC horizontal lathes increased rapidly. The monthly export of the whole industry decreased in 2016 compared with that in 2015, and turned to growth in the first half of 2017, indicating that the export situation has improved. In the first half of the year, the export of metal processing machine tools was USD 1.478 billion, an increase of 6.94% year-on-year

generally speaking, the progress of China's machine tool industry is obvious to all. We should know that the ecological environment, R & D design, business philosophy, management level and other aspects of China's machine tools are not as good as those of foreign countries, but under such circumstances, China's machine tool industry is still developing and progressing. Why can't we give domestic machine tool enterprises more time to tolerate and grow, and give domestic machine tools the opportunity to prove themselves? I believe that as long as we make constant efforts, one day our machine tool technology will surpass that of foreign countries. The future must belong to China and also to us

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