The most popular thermal printing unit

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The utility model provides a thermal printing unit technical scheme. The scheme mainly includes a support, a print head, a print roller, a transmission mechanism, a stepping motor and a print head lifting mechanism. The feature of this scheme is that there is a pressure spring pressing the print head on the print head, the pressure spring is fixed on the pressure spring fixing plate, there is a convex head at the bottom of the pressure spring fixing plate, there is a convex head hole in the middle of the support, and the convex head is inserted into the convex head hole. There are side outlets on both sides of the pressure spring fixing plate, which are clamped on the side of the plates on both sides of the support, and the side outlets of Huntsman innovative hydrophilic materials promote the growth of greenhouse crops are in the head hook; In addition, the two side plates of the support and the upper end of the print roller are provided with a roll out opening, and the print roller shaft of the print roller is within the opening day of the roll out

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