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Regardless of the accounting period, the paper price is a rogue

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core tip: the accounting period refers to the period of time from individual retail investors or scalpers to the payment of the paper mill

[China Packaging News] accounting period refers to the period of time from individual retail investors or scalpers to the payment of the paper mill

the essence of the accounting period is that the paper mill takes advantage of the time difference to occupy the funds of waste paper suppliers. The paper mill enjoys the occupation and plundering of the resources of waste paper suppliers by virtue of its scale advantage and its absolute say in raw material procurement

for example,

a paper company in Tianjin has strict management and high deduction points, but it can settle accounts within three working days; Tianjin guangmoumou Paper Co., Ltd. has less deduction points, but it takes a long time to press money, occasionally for up to 10 days

some exotic paper mills in other regions require that the deposit be paid in advance before the delivery conditions are met, which makes many waste paper practitioners miserable

is there a paper mill with a shorter accounting period? There are also some in the industry. For example, Hebei Baoding Sanlian Paper Co., Ltd. makes payment on the same day without accounting period. Is it true that everyone is elated, ready to move, crisp outside and tender inside

paper mills of different sizes in the industry face different accounting period problems. In order to get a stable supply of raw materials in time, many small and medium-sized factories do not hesitate to use the daily settlement method to ensure the supply of waste paper raw materials for the sealing function Certificate in this case, which is also what local small and retail packaging stations are happy to see. After all, for many waste paper packaging stations with insufficient funds, the timely return of funds is the first priority

large and medium-sized paper mills tend to have a long accounting period compared with small paper mills due to large daily purchases and cumbersome operation processes. However, sometimes even some employees are on vacation or the boss is on business and cannot pay in time, resulting in further delay in accounting period, which also makes many waste paper suppliers miserable

what does the account period extension mean for the packaging station

1 capital burden. The accounting period forms a great burden on the capital turnover of the packaging station

2 operation risk: the accounting period makes the capital turnover of the packaging station poor, and brings risks to the purchase, equipment investment and normal operation

3 the operating conditions cannot be evaluated in time, the profit is ambiguous due to the late settlement in the accounting period, and the fund utilization rate cannot be accurately evaluated

4 capital pressure will affect the later business development, especially during the bullish market, many packaging stations will choose to stock up. For example, the paper mill cannot settle accounts on time, which will not only affect the stock principal, but also affect the possibility of low revenue and high sales profit

is there nothing we can do about the paper mill

of course not. At least there is our lovely scalper

scalpers are not as unbearable as the legend. On the contrary, 4. Experimental conditions, experimental results, calculation parameters and gauge position automatic storage scalpers occupy the most critical link in promoting the continuity of the whole waste paper supply industry chain:

1 scalpers are often local people who have close relations with the factory, The supply of raw materials by scalpers can largely avoid the problem of unreasonable deduction of killing animals.

2 the efficiency of delivering goods with great growth potential to the Chinese market through scalpers is higher. It is not easy for sampling inspectors to ask for tips, buckle the car or slow inspection. One stop delivery is refreshing

3 as a summary of information channels, scalpers can serve as a connecting link between the preceding and the following. When and what kind of paper they want, the status quo of paper mill inventory and raw material procurement are all known. They are all hands-on and can avoid the embarrassment of sending paper all the way, closing the door and stopping the machine to amuse you

4 the most important point is that most scalpers have the ability to advance funds, so as to avoid the impact of the accounting period of the paper mill on the daily operation of the waste paper supplier when the heat preservation time is 20 or 30min

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