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In addition to renting cars, charging treasure and UAVs, sesame points can be used like this

everything recovers in spring. This season is colorful. Add a bright spring light with the experimental force. Don't live up to it. Stepping in the spring is the most correct way to open it. The Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is coming soon. The May Day holiday is coming. Sunderland University cooperates with five research institutions from Italy, Spain and Germany. Many people can't help but have a stupid and restless heart for spring outing. They want to fly to various places full of cherry blossoms, peach blossoms and rape flowers to relax. At this time, the wallet gave a warning. I can only find ways to improve the cost performance of spring outing. I am also half an expert in this regard! It is relatively difficult to save money from transportation and meals, but it is easier to save money from hotels. But when you go out, no one is a snail carrying a house. It is self-evident that it is important to find a comfortable hotel to rest after meeting the experiments of large and full-size samples. How can you save money and live well at the same time? The secret collection is to use sesame seeds skillfully

sesame credit and flying pig have jointly launched a Qingming may day preferential stay activity. Sesame with a score of 550 or more can enjoy 6% discount for Hotels with credit! Enter the sesame credit interface on Alipay, and click the credit life in the lower right corner to see the accommodation options in the menu bar. After clicking to enter, you can select the city and date you want to stay in the flying pig Hotel, and select the keyword "Qingming May 16" to fold up, and you can see all the hotels that meet the discount

with such a big discount, it's no problem to get a satisfactory room in a luxury hotel at a cheap price, so as to maximize the cost performance of the spring outing

in addition, with the help of zhiminfen, you can not only enjoy hotel discounts, but also enjoy free deposit, or even pay after staying. This is the credit check-in service: it covers hotels all over the country. Check out is free of check-in and check-out SMS deduction is free of queuing. It can save a lot of things

about credit accommodation, it is an innovative hotel check-in experience released by Alibaba travel, the predecessor of flying pig, at the end of March 2015. Users can enjoy deposit free, queue free and check-in free convenient services by booking credit Hotels with sesame

generally, the process of check-in and check-out at the hotel is cumbersome, and it is a great waste of time in rush hours; Flying pig credit allows users to reduce the average check-in speed to 45 seconds and check-out time to 15 seconds. Just throw away the card and leave

at present, the sesame credit deposit free mode is not only applied in the hotel industry, but also widely used in travel, retail, leasing and other industries. The data shows that credit services can be used for tens of thousands of goods in more than 40 industries. Sesame credit has brought us a lot of convenience. This trendy lifestyle of credit consumption also makes people cherish the word credit more

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