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Lei Jun: the transformation of the manufacturing industry needs to create an innovative environment. Xiaomi is building an intelligent and unmanned factory. On the morning of May 20, the fifth world intelligence conference was officially held today. Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi group, delivered an important buffer failure speech with the theme of "innovation leads the future of manufacturing". Lei Jun put forward his three suggestions for the transformation and upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry, and revealed that Xiaomi is currently building an intelligent unmanned factory

according to Lei Jun, as early as 2017, Xiaomi carried out the construction of an unmanned factory in the laboratory stage in Beijing, and has realized the unmanned production test since last year, which has improved the production efficiency by more than 25% compared with the traditional factory. Based on the laboratory exploration and practice in the previous stage, Xiaomi is currently starting the next stage of building an unmanned factory that can be put into production

it is reported that Xiaomi is currently building its own intelligent unmanned factory with an annual output value of 50billion to 60billion in the future. Therefore, Xiaomi has also established a new Xiaomi industry fund to support the development of the intelligent factory. In the past 11 years, Xiaomi has experienced a transformation from its founding to entering the world's fortune 500. Lei Jun said that the achievements made by Xiaomi today have verified the feasibility of bringing Internet thinking into the field of manufacturing. In the next decade, Xiaomi will continue to upgrade and transform China's manufacturing industry, which is very simple to convey its own thinking and methods

Lei Jun put forward three thoughts on how to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of domestic manufacturing industry:

first, we need to focus on breaking through hard core technology, gradually increase R & D investment, pay attention to basic R & D, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in key technology areas

secondly, talents are the source of innovation, so we need to pay attention to the cultivation of innovative talents, create a global talent highland, attract global elites to join China, boost the economy and production, and provide new opportunities for the utilization and processing of carbon fiber materials

finally, we need to create an innovation environment to form an atmosphere that encourages innovation, technology research and development, and tolerates failure and frustration in the whole society

at present, Anqing is taking this opportunity. Eleven years ago, when we decided to do it with internet thinking, we experienced a lot of failures and setbacks in the process. Without an innovative and inclusive environment, today's Xiaomi could not exist. Society needs to encourage innovation more and tolerate failure. Lei Jun said

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