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China's legislation says "no" to excessive packaging

Xinhua Beijing, August 29 (Gu Ruizhen, Yu Qinghong) excessive packaging of moon cakes and other luxury packaging not only wastes resources, but also pollutes the environment. The circular economy promotion law issued on the 29th restricts this

the circular economy promotion law passed at the fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress on the 29th is an integral part of all trade ecology. What are the standards used in the rod tensile performance testing machine? The design of product packaging should implement product packaging standards to prevent excessive packaging from causing resource waste and environmental pollution

Article 19 of the circular economy promotion law stipulates that in the design of process, equipment, products and packaging for 3. Steel plate tensile test solutions, materials and design schemes that are easy to recycle, easy to disassemble, easy to degrade, non-toxic and harmless or low toxic and low harmful shall be preferred in accordance with the requirements of reducing resource consumption and waste generation, and shall meet the mandatory requirements of relevant national standards

for electrical and electronic products that may cause environmental pollution in the process of disassembly and disposal, toxic and harmful substances prohibited by the State shall not be designed and used. The list of toxic and harmful substances prohibited from being used in electrical and electronic products shall be formulated by the General Administration of environmental and economic development of the State Council in conjunction with the relevant competent departments of environmental protection of the State Council

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