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LEGO ® Mechanical kinetic energy laboratory unveiled in Beijing

LEGO recently ® The mechanical kinetic energy laboratory was officially unveiled in Beijing Yidi port. It not only reviewed the history and representative works of the mechanical group and demonstrated the new models in the second half of the year, but also deeply demonstrated LEGO through the cool transmission experience and mechanical function test ® The essence and innovation of mechanical group; What's more, the super passing device completed by senior LEGO players vividly reflects the mechanical transmission and LEGO puzzle playing method, which makes fans open their eyes

recently, Lego mechanical kinetic energy laboratory officially appeared in Beijing Yidi port. It not only reviewed the history and representative works of the mechanical group, demonstrated the new model in the second half of the year, but also deeply demonstrated the essence and innovation of LEGO mechanical group through cool transmission device experience and mechanical function test; What's more, the super passing device completed by senior LEGO players vividly reflects the mechanical transmission and LEGO puzzle playing method, which makes fans open their eyes

guests press the start switch, and LEGO mechanical kinetic energy laboratory officially opens

deconstruction machinery, replica performance

in 1977, two LEGO designers janryan and erikbach redefined the mechanical function of building block models with classic LEGO particles. Since then, from the ground to the sky, from the universe to the ocean, Lego mechanical group has continuously explored the mysteries of mechanical physics, explored kinetic energy models from the real world, injected unique vitality into each LEGO mechanical group building block, and completed the advanced function from static to flexible

LEGO mechanical kinetic energy laboratory has opened a circular function test room and interactive experience area in the central area to show the mechanical model system with visible design devices: Super run engine restoration, precise remote control, replica mechanical transmission, recoil car impact test and other experiences, so that Lego players are immersed in the mechanical world

engine restoration: the new masterpiece of LEGO mechanical group engine reproduction comes from the new LEGO mechanical group Bugatti Chiron launched in June this year. The mobile piston w16 engine installed in this top-level super run model is further amplified on the console: turning the double-layer gear structure can wake up 16 cylinder pistons, and the high-speed rotation is transmitted to 4 low flat hub tires through the drive shaft, which can instantly start this land beast, bringing the real Bugatti Chiron engine roar

precise control: LEGO machinery group adds an electric motor in addition to the traditional physical transmission, which brings efficient and surging power to the machinery. On this basis, Lego Machinery Group creatively developed the remote control function, giving Lego building blocks more rich changes and precise operability. The LEGO mechanical group 66 All Terrain Truck displayed on site is a classic work that fully realizes the functions of LEGO Power Group. It contains large motors, medium motors, battery boxes, receivers and remote controls, which can freely complete a series of remote control functions such as forward and backward, front wheel steering, telescopic cantilever support, and starting jib and winch

transmission remake: LEGO Machinery Group is inspired by the heavy machinery in real life, and gives full play to the high-order mechanical performance. The real remake of steering and transmission system and performance greatly enriches the player's Masonry experience. The LEGO mechanical group product complex terrain crane made of 4050 building blocks showed its amazing strength at the scene. The lifting claw and suspender that can automatically lift can rotate around 360 degrees and lift all kinds of objects, realistically restoring the scene of the construction site, allowing players to personally experience the physical operation function of the crane

behind the exquisite functional design, designers have never missed thousands of sketches and hundreds of days and nights of painstaking efforts. At the mechanical design station on both sides of the laboratory, the classic products of LEGO machinery group and their design prototype sketches were displayed: rally cars, heavy forklifts, Volvo concept wheel loaders and other popular products, which were once a stack of thick drawings. From the in-depth and detailed study of transmission functions to the careful and realistic depiction of mechanical parts, these real and flexible mechanical functions and amazing details can be finally achieved after millions of experiments and modifications. The mechanical design exhibition in this event allows LEGO fans and mechanical enthusiasts to truly appreciate the creative process from plane to three-dimensional, and also inspires players' creative inspiration to build mechanical equipment

LEGO mechanical kinetic energy laboratory made a cool debut in Beijing yidigang

mechanical challenge, creative transmission

the super passing device (GBC) exhibited in LEGO mechanical kinetic energy laboratory this time is one of the creative integration works of LEGO players. G linear displacement sensor BC, great ballconnection, started in 2005. Using standard module design method, Lego components are used to make transmission devices to transport small balls from one device to another, which stipulates the position and size of the ball inlet and outlet, as well as the speed of the ball. It is a masonry challenge that can integrate a variety of design ideas and mechanical functions

this GBC device is jointly completed by 13 top LEGO players in China, who are from the certified LEGO fan group hero Club lug. The device not only uses LEGO particle components such as classic gears, connecting rods and conveyor belts, but also expands advanced devices such as ev3 modules and touch sensors. It also integrates music, football and other ingenious ideas into the shape design. When these or unique creative works are combined into one, the ball rolls smoothly, from the entrance to the exit at one go, witnessing the LEGO players' innovative upgrading of LEGO mechanical group, and encouraging more players to explore the fun of splicing

super passing device gathers creative ideas

explore machinery and never stop

this activity also presented many new products of LEGO Machinery Group in the second half of this year. In addition to the masterpiece Bugatti Chiron, Lego machinery group once again worked with Volvo to build a mini King Kong Volvo concept wheel loader; The complex terrain crane realistically restores the mechanical structure and principle of the crane, and realizes the player's engineering dream with exquisite details that are enough to make people's blood flow; The elastic modulus of heavy fork changes. The car has both strength and flexibility, and the real operation experience is infinitely restored with building blocks

whether it's a child who has the dream of being a teacher with a design that is expected to remain the world's largest auto production and marketing country for the sixth consecutive year, or an adult player with a mechanical complex, Lego mechanical group can stimulate their infinite imagination and creativity with real details, mechanical kinetic energy reproduction and complex masonry challenges, immerse themselves in the cool mechanical world, and feel the infinite possibilities of Lego building blocks

before August 12, Lego players and machinery enthusiasts can go to the winter garden on the first floor of Yidi port, No. 18 Jiuxianqiao Road, Beijing to visit and experience the LEGO mechanical kinetic energy laboratory and experience the charm of black technology from LEGO machinery group. At the same time, Lego tmall super brand day has also opened the pre-sale channel. If you book the specified products, you can get a tmall limited customized gift box. Players can use a special base to show off the blue super run, and use a limited three piece set to create a super run supporting out of the Street equipment. There are also many popular products to participate in the pre-sale, and the out of print LEGO racing series bugattichiron is resurrected for resale, leading the speed passion. Even if we strive to create a new situation of high-quality transformation and development in Huaibei, we will inject strong momentum, release mechanical enthusiasm, and bring a cool summer surprise and discount

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