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Laiya optoelectronics and Shenzhen Yingtang Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. focused on the development of health lighting industry

on April 16, Guangdong Laiya intelligent optoelectronics Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Yingtang Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. Both parties will promote the application of SPD (intelligent power distribution system) technology in the lighting industry, and promote the health lighting industry to replace the sealing ring or combination pad in time; Exhibition, jointly build an industrial service platform to empower industrial enterprises

it is understood that Leiya optoelectronics was founded in 2002, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of LED lighting products. In 2017, Leya optoelectronics was listed on the new third board. Zhou Jiaxiang, chairman of Laiya optoelectronics, said that this cooperation will help both sides achieve complementary advantages and resources. Through the in-depth application of SPD technology, we will further enrich the product line and focus on the development of health lighting

according to the introduction, SPD technology lighting has the following advantages: it can provide a light environment suitable for scene applications according to the on-site needs; Improve the luminous efficiency of LED, save electricity and protect the environment; See objects more clearly under the same light intensity, etc

zhongyongbin, group president of Shenzhen Yingtang Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., said that this cooperation has led to a strong alliance. In the future, it is planned to bring the concept and technology of healthy lighting to dengdu ancient town. At the same time, build an "Internet +" platform to make renewable particles in many aspects, such as trading, manufacturing, R & D, logistics, etc., to serve lighting enterprises

"Guzhen lighting electronic universal experimental machine how to solve the problem of sensor displacement and the protection and maintenance of the equipment? After more than 30 years of development, it has formed a very perfect industrial chain that needs to be strengthened in time. However, lighting is a traditional industry, and the industry threshold is low. The town government is starting to promote industrial transformation and upgrading." At the signing ceremony, Lu Zhenjian, a member of the Party committee of Guzhen Town, said that the first thing to do was to build an intelligent and shared public service platform from the perspective of product intelligence. At the same time, integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the lighting industry chain. On the basis of the government, enterprises will carry out market-oriented operation to expand and strengthen the lighting industry in ancient towns

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