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French media: the EU is discussing whether to grant China market economy status. Law table is worried about

[global report Zhang Ao] the EU is discussing whether to grant China market economy status. According to Radio France Internationale on January 12, the French right wing cited data to point out that once the EU market is fully opened to China, millions of jobs in the EU and hundreds of thousands of jobs in France will be threatened in recent days. The Republican Party, the largest opposition party in France, asked the EU to maintain a "flexible and realistic" means of commercial protection to deal with "dumping" from China

it is reported that the European Commission is discussing whether the time is ripe to give China market economy status, and the preliminary opinions should be issued on the 13th. The United States has pressed the European Union not to open this door to China

when China was approved to join the WTO in 2001, it was regarded as a non market country. At that time, the WTO allowed China 15 years to comply with the rules of market economy countries. Once China is given the status of market economy, the tariffs on Chinese goods entering the EU will be greatly reduced. Within the EU, there are more and more voices of concern that once the EU cancels the anti-dumping measures against China, it will suffer a lot

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according to the investigation of the Economic Policy Research Institute of the EU advisory organization, if China is granted market economy status, 1.7 to 3.5 million jobs in the EU will be threatened, including 183000 to 367000 jobs in France. Depar, former director of the anti-dumping Office of the European Commission, said that once China is granted market economy status, the calculation method of whether Chinese industrial products are dumped on the EU market will be issued in the future This change will automatically reduce the dumping ratio by 40%

in addition, the report pointed out that the French Republican Party led by Sarkozy asked French President Hollande to take a tough stance on whether the European Union would give China a big market economy position when tightening the test and compacting the pressing plate used for the test piece, and whether it was too late to fill the mold. Republicans hope that the EU will adopt "flexible, realistic and wise" protective measures

it is reported that Sarkozy proposed to strengthen the "European border" when he ran for president in 2012 if the negotiations were successful, and now the idea of "border" is making a strong comeback. Facing the impact of immigration, Sarkozy believes that the EU Schengen treaty is outdated. A Republican spokesman said: "the word boundary has become a taboo in French political life, and it is time to rehabilitate it."

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