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Rex lighting has completely entered the era of Wang Donglei, betting on intelligent lighting

two days after Wu Changjiang, the founder and former chairman, was sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment, Rex lighting () held a press conference in Huizhou on December 23 to sign a contract with the cloud computing center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Zhongke Zhicheng) to promote intelligent lighting cooperation

as the current chairman of Rexroth lighting, Wang Donglei kept a low profile and did not make any statement during the press conference, and he showed a comfortable smile in the group photo of the signing ceremony

in fact, Rex lighting has entered a more thorough era, and the R & D investment of Wang Dong enterprise has also increased correspondingly. Recently, the board of directors of Rex lighting made a substantial personnel adjustment, and Wang Donglei's son Wang Dun became the new executive director. This bet on smart lighting also shows that Wang Donglei is determined to bring Leishi into a new growth track

the decentralization of the board of directors is over

according to the announcement of Rex lighting on December 12 and 19, Wang Dun, 24, entered the board of directors of Rex lighting for the first time. At the same time, after Zhu Hai, head of Schneider China, resigned as the non-executive director of Rexroth lighting in December this year, lihuating, vice chairman and general manager of dehuorunda, another listed company controlled by Wang Donglei, was appointed as the non-executive director of Rexroth lighting

in this way, Wang Donglei, his younger brother Wang Dongming and his son Wang Dun, together with his powerful generals Xiao Yu, Li Huating, and Wang have four executive directors on the board of directors of Rex lighting, with one de facto applicable range of seats and one non-executive director seat on each scale

Rex lighting has experienced two internal disputes in the past few years, due to some reckless business practices of the founder Wu Changjiang, as well as the dispersion of the company's equity and the decision-making power of the board of directors. Now, the decentralization of the board of directors of Rexroth lighting has basically ended

in addition to the board of directors, the integration of Les Roches' business level is also accelerating. In the Wu Changjiang era, Rexroth lighting had many related assets besides the listed companies in Hong Kong. Wang Donglei is promoting the integration of these related assets by the listed company of Rex lighting

an example is the acquisition of Zhongshan Rex. On November 11, Rex lighting announced that it would spend about 225million yuan to acquire the remaining 25% equity of yaoneng holdings, so as to realize the 100% shareholding of Rex lighting in Zhongshan Rex Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

the lighting business and assets associated with Rexroth lighting in Dehao Runda also attract attention on how to achieve effective collaboration. At this press conference, the main body of signing cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences was "Rex group"

it is understood that Wang Donglei has combined Rex lighting and its associated assets into Rex group to achieve resource collaboration. Lihuating, general manager of Dehao Runda, was recently appointed as the vice chairman of Rexroth lighting. All these are conducive to promoting the resource integration of dehuorunda and Rexroth lighting in the upstream and downstream of LED lighting

Wang Donglei became the major shareholder of Rex lighting by taking over the equity held by Wu Changjiang as early as December 2012. However, Wu Changjiang still controlled the operation right of Rexroth lighting for a long time, causing the second internal dispute of Rexroth

now, Wu Changjiang is sentenced to 14 years in prison for the crime of misappropriating funds and embezzlement. The collaboration between Rex and Dehao related resources will be promoted more smoothly

accelerate the expansion to the field of smart lighting

2015 is the transformation year of Rex lighting, realizing turning losses into profits. In the first half of 2016, the sales revenue of Rexroth lighting decreased slightly by 0.5% year-on-year to 1.763 billion yuan, but the revenue of LED lighting increased significantly by 94.8% year-on-year to 1.177 billion yuan, and the company's profit continued to grow

for the lighting industry, smart lighting is the next "cake". This time, holding hands with Zhongke Zhicheng, Wang Donglei hopes to bet on smart lighting and let Leishi enter a new growth track

Zhang Peng, President of Rex group, said that after going through the stages of product strategy, channel strategy and brand strategy, Rex has entered the stage of Internet platform strategy. It is understood that Rex has established an intelligent project research and development department in 2015, and has established cooperation with Xiaomi and other Internet enterprises in home intelligent lighting. After the mold temperature is improved, it is necessary to review the action menu interface of each part and the PVC operation panel industry again. This cooperation with China Science and technology smart city will promote the development of Rexroth in the field of smart commercial lighting and smart city lighting

led street lamps can not only be used for road lighting, but also become a part of smart cities. Relevant people from Zhongke Zhicheng believe that there will be many applications for smart street lamps to form a platform in the future. Smart cities integrate and manage data through platforms. The strategic cooperation between Zhongke Zhicheng and Leishi will be more at the intersection, and street lights are a good carrier

hongxiaosong, vice president of research and development of Rex group, said in an interview with China business that the market space for smart lighting is very large. For example, there are about 200000 street lights in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and there is a lot of imagination in the future. Rex will expand the smart lighting market from lighting services to camera equipment services. The existing streetlights don't need to be pushed down to start over. They only need to add intelligent modules, connect terminals and sensors, and store, analyze and manage data in a unified way

Hong Xiaosong said that the cooperation between Rex and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will integrate information in terms of software and data, starting with smart streetlights. It is expected that specific projects will not come out until the middle of next year

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