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Australia's legal regulation of green packaging

Australia's national packaging guide was published in 1991 and was jointly prepared by representatives of industry, consumption and environmental protection departments convened by the government. In addition, each state has its own legislation. Queensland promulgated the "waste management strategy (Draft)" in May 1994. The draft has a great impact on the common characteristics of important national government agencies, which are the widespread adoption of new materials, new processes and new technologies, and establishes that both enterprises and consumers should be responsible for the disposal of waste. The draft focuses on the development of renewable materials market. In order to cooperate with the action, we should eliminate these trial and error opportunities, but in fact, there are no obstacles to the reuse of recycled materials in the third tier cities. 60% of the residents of the state participated in the waste recycling system project, Thus more than 300 "The market price of degradable plastics is 2 (3) times that of ordinary plastic products, and 10000 residents have created a good living environment. Therefore, the Australian government has listed this state as a model to promote the recycling of packaging waste nationwide.

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