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The national electric control and distribution industry information exchange conference was held in Tianjin to strengthen information exchange and promote common development. The 2009 National Conference on the exchange of information on new products, new technologies and new standards in the electric power distribution industry and the awarding of "products with reliable quality" was grandly held in Tianjin on October 16, organized by the electric power distribution equipment branch of China Electrical Industry Association. The meeting was presided over by Zhong Mingzhen, director of Tianjin electric drive design and Research Institute and chairman of the branch of electric power distribution equipment. More than 150 Representatives from 108 units in the electric power distribution industry attended the meeting

first of all, Yang Qiming, vice president and Secretary General of China Electrical Industry Association, made an important speech on the situation and development trend of China's electrical industry. He pointed out that after the economic and financial crisis in 2008, China's electrical industry has recovered. Various economic indicators show that the development speed of China's electrical industry is accelerating. On the whole, China's electrical industry has broad prospects. At the same time, he also stressed that constantly improving the product quality and international reputation of China's electrical industry is the fundamental for enterprises to develop international trade and the foundation for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Therefore, ensuring the product quality and improving the reputation of enterprises in the new era has become an important goal of enterprise development

Qi Shuang, director of China Quality Certification Center, introduced the basic situation of CCC product certification and CQC product certification in detail, especially the content of the newly issued 171 order, and pointed out the new situation, new challenges and corresponding measures encountered by CCC certification in practical work. He stressed that honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation of enterprise survival, "CCC certification is based on honesty", and hoped that the electric air distribution industry will become an example of "honesty and trustworthiness"

Cui Jing, Deputy Secretary General of the electronic control and distribution branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, made a report on 10 large-scale plastic markets of the branch from 2008 to 2009. Zhou Jicong, deputy director general of the electronic control and distribution branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, made a presentation on the economic operation of the electronic control and distribution industry

the conference held a grand licensing ceremony for 60 products from 31 Units of the electronic control distribution equipment branch, which "have reliable quality products, so they almost did not cause product losses". Ying Luxia, director of the science and Technology Quality Department of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, read out the commendation decision, and the leaders of the branch awarded certificates and bronze medals to units that obtained "products with reliable quality"

at the meeting, the electronic control distribution equipment branch of China Electrical Industry Association also introduced the products gck2 low-voltage switchgear and gck2 intelligent low-voltage switchgear developed by the national joint design group chaired by the electronic control distribution equipment branch; Basic information of 24kV (20kV) box type substation under development; Differences between relevant standards and new and old standards implemented in 2009 for low-voltage switchgear sets

North China Huatong Electric Co., Ltd. introduced the copper aluminum composite bus and its process, which is the latest developed new material for energy saving and cost reduction in the industry; Changshu switch manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the former Changshu switch factory) introduced the relevant products of the enterprise; Nanjing Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd. introduced the enterprise's product terminals; Changzhou Xinyuan Xingdian perfect civil aircraft scientific research consulting management system Co., Ltd. introduced the new drawer cabinet and its low-voltage complete set of product accessories

in order to provide a platform for enterprises to show, booths were provided for manufacturers of complete sets of accessories to meet the growing needs of the Chinese market. More than 10 enterprises showed their samples and had a good exchange with representatives

After the meeting, the delegates visited the first China International Electrotechnical and Electrical Equipment Expo. Everyone carefully visited the exhibition halls, and paid special attention to the products displayed in the electrical hall. Many representatives had close exchanges with the exhibitors on site

the representatives attending the meeting expressed their appreciation for the work of the branch, expressed their satisfaction with the content and organization of the meeting, and looked forward to the good development of the branch

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