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2003 national inspection free coating products

2003 national inspection free coating products

January 12, 2004

on January 6, 2004, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China announced the list of 2003 national inspection free products and production enterprises in Beijing. The products of 395 enterprises met the conditions for exemption from the inspection of thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials under quality supervision, and were granted the inspection exemption qualification

the national inspection exemption of product quality is carried out once a year, and the AQSIQ publishes the catalogue of product categories exempted in the current year. Qualified enterprises voluntarily apply to the local provincial quality and technical supervision department, which will review it. After the AQSIQ solicits the opinions of relevant parties and approves it according to the specified procedures, the inspection exemption certificate will be issued to qualified enterprises, And make it known to the public. Products qualified for inspection exemption are exempted from quality supervision and inspection by government departments at all levels within the period of validity. Enterprises that have obtained the inspection exemption certificate may voluntarily use the prescribed inspection exemption marks on the inspection exemption products or their packages within the period of validity of the inspection exemption

since the implementation of the national inspection exemption system for product quality for four years, 1184 enterprises have obtained the national inspection exemption qualification after strict examination. It has played an important role in promoting the adjustment of economic structure, optimizing and realizing industrial upgrading, and then promoting the improvement of the overall level of product quality in China, and has made important contributions to the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the national economy

serial number product name enterprise name brand variety

238 coating Shunde Hongchang Chemical Co., Ltd. Hongchang and clamp a shockproof rubber pad between the indenter base and the sample table; For long-distance transportation, the original packaging, Lishi synthetic resin lotion interior and exterior wall paint,

PU polyester wood paint

239 paint Wenling boxing chemical coating Co., Ltd. boxing interior and exterior wall emulsion paint

240 paint Shandong Lehua paint Co., Ltd. Lehua water-based paint Paint

241 paint Jiangsu elephant East Asia paint Co., Ltd. elephant interior and exterior wall emulsion paint

in fact 242 paint Zhejiang universal paint Group Co., Ltd. universal Jinying

243 coating Langfang Nippon coating Co., Ltd. Nippon interior wall emulsion paint

244 coating Shunde meitushi Coating Industry Co., Ltd. meitushi

245 coating Putian Sanjiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. sankeshu interior and exterior wall coating

246 coating Shunde Hualong Coating Industry Co., Ltd. British and McCann

247 coating Shunde China Resources Coating Factory Co., Ltd. China Resources, Aidi polyester paint The continuous expansion of downstream utilization fields has brought new opportunities to the industry, including UV curing paint,

nitrocellulose paint, and water-based paint

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