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National ink manufacturers' conference: the theme is "environmental protection creates benefits"

from November 11 to 13, 2008 national ink manufacturers' conference and ink Industry Summit Forum will be held in Shanghai Yujing hotel. The theme of this conference is determined to create benefits through environmental protection. At that time, representatives from nearly 100 ink enterprises across the country will attend the conference. Environmental protection, green these social hot spots, will also affect this national oil 2. When the lens surface is stained with oil or fingerprints, the ink manufacturer conference

as the most important raw materials and consumables in the printing and packaging industry, ink is receiving more and more attention. Ink is a general term for fine chemicals that can be used for printing and coating, so it has a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical properties of materials and is applied to various fields of social life, such as food, drug packaging, newspaper printing, children's toys, clothing, shoes and hats, electronics and electrical appliances. It is no exaggeration to say that the colorful and bright commodities that people see in supermarkets, as well as the colorful books and newspapers, are all due to the great use of ink, and the relationship between ink and real life is inseparable

in recent years, a series of major public events involving food safety, such as the Nestle milk powder incident, the McDonald's incident, the Guangdong toy incident, and the Japanese poison dumpling incident, have sounded an alarm to ink enterprises, and the ink industry is facing unprecedented environmental pressure. At the national ink manufacturers' conference in November, 2007, the delegates sent an initiative to the whole industry to accelerate the realization of environmental protection in the whole industry, and initiated the establishment of the national ink manufacturers' green alliance, the first ink environmental protection promotion organization in China. At present, the national ink manufacturers' green alliance has carried out community registration in accordance with the law. Many enterprises, including raw material supply, ink manufacturing, printing and packaging, food and drugs, are actively contacting the alliance Secretariat and preparing to join the green alliance to jointly promote the cause of ink environmental protection

this year's national ink manufacturers' conference has several highlights:

one of the highlights: high-level theme reports and rich technical discussions

this conference has invited many well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the ink field to attend together, which will bring a series of high-level theme reports to the conference to discuss the current hot issues faced by the ink industry from different perspectives, such as the development prospects of green ink, People at home and abroad of UV ink are constantly calling for a green and environmentally friendly alternative to enter our life, market conditions, color fastness of water-based ink, how ink enterprises deal with REACH regulations, etc

highlight 2: strengthen interaction and build the best exchange platform in the industry

the conference arranged interactive links such as Summit Forum, trade matching, exchange cocktail party, etc., providing enterprises participating in the conference with opportunities for close and in-depth exchanges, helping enterprises to make full use of the conference as a platform to carry out practical negotiations and expand the value of participation

highlight 3: 2008 award ceremony of top 10 people of the year in the ink industry

the top 10 people of the year attracting the attention of the industry will be announced at the conference and an award ceremony will be held. This year, the selection threshold will be raised, and more attention will be paid to environmental friendly enterprises. I believe that many new faces will enter the public view

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