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Xia Qing, a professor of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences and Secretary General of the China Environmental Labeling Certification Commission, said in an interview that the national standard 207 aluminum alloy door and window handle Committee and the accreditation and Certification Commission have indeed issued certification specifications for three kinds of environmental labels that have been gradually implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO14020, However, it is by no means to "unify the world" by resetting the stroke of one or more actuators to ± 50mm marks. "There will only be more and more marks, but the qualification should be strictly checked by the state, so that various certification institutions can compete fairly in the market economy"

Xia Qing said that the core content of the implementation of ISO14020 series of standards by the Chinese government this time is two: first, integrate green standards into the national technical standard system; Second, the unified management of various green label certification institutions must be approved by the National Standards Commission and the national accreditation and Certification Commission

he said that in the field of voluntary green technology standards, "in the future, China will unify the outer packaging and instructions of various enterprises in the form of 'logo + declaration', that is, in the future, all products with green logo must be accompanied by logo description and information bulletin, so that consumers can understand the origin of this logo and the green ingredients of products"

Xia Qing said that the ISO14020 series of standards is not a single cut. The following aspects are introduced separately: first, China is still in the process of formulating and improving this standard, including 18 pilot cities in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai, which are tackling key problems in "modern service technology standards" and "modern product standards". It is expected that by 2005, China will form a large platform of international standards across the country, All enterprises and products operate under unified technical standards, becoming a "green world without borders". As it happens to be the year when the Chinese market fully enters the WTO, Xia Qing said, "the greatest significance of implementing the standard this time is to let people know that the world after China's entry into the WTO is a world that is standardized at a certain speed."

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