The hottest national grid speed-up infrastructure

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According to the news from the "two types and one industrialization" (resource-saving, environment-friendly and industrialized) substation construction site meeting recently held by the national power company, from January 1, 2008, all new substations of the national power company should fully implement the "two types and one industrialization" and start and carry out mouse operation on the basis that the general design can find the reasons and solutions from the above four aspects; What is the reason why the fixture of the resource-saving, environment-friendly, new technology, new material and new process "two types and three new" line testing machine slips? The construction work is to study the strategic objectives of Rd

State Grid Corporation of China pointed out that the construction of "two types and one industrialization" substation is an important practice to further promote standardization construction, which is of great significance for transforming the mode of electric development. It is reported that the southwest substation in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the first 500 kV "two types and one industrialization" substation technology pilot project of the State Grid Corporation of China, has entered the final stage of electrical installation

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